Happy Edition to Monday Moving & Grooving

The last few months as I’ve been recovering and trying to put the dance back in my step, I have begun to play with the underlying theme of happiness and what it means to me … in a good part thanks to Realwheels’ #WheelVoices Happiness Campaign.

On one level the answer to that question is simple for me.  Happiness is dancing!  On another level, as I have not always been able to dance the way I am use to these past few months, and still can’t in totality, I have been dissecting what happiness is beyond that, along with what makes me want to dance.  Certainly the music, but also freedom, love (in it’s many forms), creativity, adventure, hugs and kisses, magical moments (like that with the wild horses in Florida)  … to name a few!


Conga at Fighting Chance Production's 80's Prom.

Rob Jones, Lori Yearwood and Nina Kumar strutting up their happiness at Fighting Chance Production’s 80′s Prom!


For all those reasons and many more, this song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, made me smile and want to do exactly that … dance!



Even cooler, check out Pharrell Williams’ #24HoursOfHappy! Total awesomesauce!


Emme  xoxo


Play Along With Our #musiclove2ear Campaign!

Everyone has music they love to listen to, a song that gets stuck in your head, or a personal theme song fueling their actions.  Let’s share them and get the world singing along!

For me, it’s the singing along part that poses a problem.  I am an absolute sucker for songs with brilliant harmony. I could listen to them over and over and they often move me to tears, but mostly I’m blown away by people’s ability to do it.  I can’t even join in a harmonized version of Happy Birthday! To the people who are able to rearrange songs and make them sound completely new and incredible … you are truly blessed! This couple’s audition for the X-Factor hands down nails it all.  Not only are they the hands down cutest couple who are madly in love, but they bust out a super sultry slowed down uber harmonized song.  They are my current heroes and my #musiclove2ear.



In an effort to try and help myself improve, I found these two guys trying to give a lesson on how to sing harmony.  There were many other videos of very professional people trying to teach me with piano keys and fancy octave words, but these guys hit my ability level on the mark.  I think they sound more like I do too and that cracks me up, but actually gives me something to work with!



Join in with us on your feeds with the hashtag #musiclove2ear and share your music mojo.

Monday Moving & Grooving Jingle Balls Style!

Not a KMart Shopper, but I can’t help it, I’m addicted to this bit of moving & grooving!



And mmm … mmm … mmm … if you want to pop one of those in my stocking, I’ll happily leave you a treat under the mistletoe!

Monday Moving & Grooving Baby Style!

How cool would this be?!?



I for one couldn’t help but rock out with baby me in a bit of moving and grooving! Eyeing up the mirror as we speak, hoping my imagination can conjure up a wee baby me!


Emme  xoxo

For the Love of Tea!

This made me smile and think of Megan, who has a wee tea obsession.



Clearly I’ve been missing something … especially the bare chested tea swilling firemen!

Kisses to Kelly’s Roundup Cafe for this cup of tea!

Emme  xoxo