A Great End to a Great Week!

Jesse Roper playing at the IBC Canadian Showcase

As far as week’s go, this past week has been pretty damn fantastic ~ enjoying my first music pilgrimage into the history of Rock & Roll and the Blues in Memphis, discovering some bloody fantastic Blues talent at the International Blues Challenge, cheering Canadian Ross Neilsen on in the Semi-Finals of the International Blues Challenge, and coming home to discover some simply beautiful music that Chris Blake has written for Roamancing.  Now to top it all off, I went to pull the name of a winner for Studio 58’s Julius Caesar tickets and was thrilled to pull Kelly Lui’s name, who interned with Ahimsa Media this past summer.  To make this especially fantastic, I went to congratulate Kelly and discovered it was her birthday!  Happy Birthday Kelly!

For those that entered, but didn’t win, we are entering you for a second chance at the tickets on Roamancing’s site.  For anyone unaware of the contest, that wishes they’d entered, you can still do that on Roamancing’s site until midnight.  Just drop us a comment with which Shakespeare play you would most love to see as a gender bender (ie. with men and women playing opposite gender role). Here’s a little of what you can expect from the play:



Catch this gender bender of a Julius Caesar at Studio 58 in Vancouver, February 2nd – 26th, Tuesdays – Saturdays at 8 pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 3 pm. Tickets can be purchased here.

Tweeting My Love Life

Twitter bird paper-toy by Nereski.
Photo by Nerea Marta

Been enjoying a rather entertaining week on twitter.  Having fun with this form of Social Media and meeting many new faces in and outside the Van City scene.  A few twitterlious moments for me have been:

  • Getting to know @hummingbird604 better through his tweets
  • Meeting the dastardly @seeper76, who keeps me laughing.
  • Discovering that we have a following in Europe – thanks to @saabir – whom like a chivalrous European knight has been providing me with tunes to start my day off right.
  • An introduction to the musical stylings of @chrisblake
Twitter bird paper-toy by Nereski.
Photo by Nerea Marta

But what I’ve been finding funniest has been the number of tweeters, as of late, that have been taking a vested interest in my love life.  Apparently, I appear to be in of help.  Hell, I am 34 and single, after all.

  • @JuiceBoxRadio is giving me weekly advice on how to meet men in Van City.
  • One unnamed tweeter has told me I’m pretty and that he’d like to meet-up sometime soon. That was his first tweet me and no I haven’t met him.
  • @OnlineBootyCall has told me that it is okay to be single and just enjoy lots and lots of commitment free sex.
  • @DatingCoach is promising to teach me the secrets of dating men – from a man.
  • And as of this morning, @MyTweetheart is promising to broadcast my singledom to the tweetisphere and, of course, find me a Tweetheart.

So what’s a girl to do!?!  Well this girl, was in a bit of a whacky mood this morning and thought @MyTweetheart was far too funny.  So she tweeted, “Sure add me to the site.”  And they actually did.  Check it out – Females Seeking Males. Can just picture my Mom now not being sure whether to laugh or shake her head and say, “Where did I go wrong?”

So the moral of this story?  If you’re not on Twitter now, join me there and you too can delve more into my personal life.  I know – exciting, right? You don’t have to be embarrassed, most people can barely contain their excitement at the prospect of befriending me and delving into my oh so exciting personal life.

Kisses to all you sexy things,