Ross Neilsen Singing the Solo Blues in Ontario

For those of you reading along here and on Roamancing, you’ll know that over the past few months I have crossed paths a few time with Ross Neilsen and taken a bit of a fancy to his music.  He’s none to shabby either.  What kind of gal would I be after all to turn my back on a dark and mysterious stranger that gives damn fine hugs. I certainly wasn’t brought up that way.  The more hugs the merrier!

So given that I’m in Ontario and he’s in Ontario this month, I’ll just have to stalk him for more hugs.  I encourage others to do the same, as really who wouldn’t want to hug this man (especially after listening to the last song in this set)?



So how does one find him?  Just follow this schedule, and stay the Hell out of my way when I go to hug him at the Casabah in Hamilton (I introduced him to you, so I get to hug him first … so there!):


Ross RAWKS the Casbah


Who wouldn't want to hug a man with such cool boots?


Lucy Duck RAWKS out to Tunes from the Road with Ross Neilsen

For those of you that have been following along with my adventures Roamancing, you may have already met Ross Neilsen & the Sufferin’ Bastards from my #CrossCanada road trip this Autumn, and Lucy Duck whose flown in to join us on the road from the UK.  You may also be aware that the first adventure we took Lucy roamancing on was to catch the tail end of the Sufferin’ Bastards #CrossCanada Autumn Tour at the Oasis in Cobourg, Ontario. And one Hell of a good night of RAWK it was, as the boys schooled Lucy in a bit of Bad Boy Canadian Blues with Anyway I Can.



We didn’t know it at the time, but this was the boys third last performance together.  So glad we caught it, as they were damn fine. Looking forward to seeing and hearing what comes next with Ross Neilsen Music.  Might call for another road trip for Lucy and I!


Emme  xoxo

Lighting Up a Wet Winter Night with a Few Sufferin’ Bastards

Nothing like a few Sufferin’ Bastards to light up a wet winter night, and that my friends is what you’ll find at the Oasis in Cobourg, Ontario tonight.



Which means an evening road trip for little ol’ moi, as these are the Blues Boys I met road tripping #CrossCanada.  Can’t have Ross Neilsen & the Sufferin’ Bastards playing so close and not go to see them live … where would the love in that be.

If you aren’t able to catch them tonight, here are a few of their other stops on their way home to New Brunswick:




Emme xoxo