Pant(ie)less Thursday

Keeping with my incredibly high browed theme for the week, I am declaring this Pant(ie)less Thursday!  “And let it be so!” she decreed, as her followers erupted in cheers.

Why Pant(ie)less Thursday you ask?  Well it’s in honour of the Opening Night of Fighting Chance Productions rendition of Sweeney Todd (playing Oct 13 – 30th at Jericho Arts Centre).

Now I know some of you might at this point be pondering as to whether I took too many drugs in my youth, because how do Sweeney Todd and Pant(ie)less possibly correlate.  Well, my dear friends, it’s really very simple.  Sweeney Todd will likely scare my date, Brie Mason, pant(ie)less (yes, gentlemen you’d be wise to grab whatever remaining tickets they have for tonight now).  As for me, I am bound to be scared crapless and our dear hummingbird604 to pee his pants, so logic would have it that by the end of the night, we all three, should be pant(ie)less.

But the real truth in the matter is after kissing Sean Parsons (Berger) in his tightie whities mid performance of Fighting Chance Productions’ last show, Hair, and seeing the entire cast pant(ie)less, I naturally think of an absence of briefs whenever the name Fighting Chance Productions comes up.

And in their honour, I give you this:

With special thanks from @timethief for a pant(ie)less subway ride.