Celebrating my Birthday in Bliss with the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival and Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen photographed by Jamie McCaffrey

I'll admit it, I feel somewhat spoiled.  Why?  Because for the last half a decade, my birthday festivities have been the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival!  I mean really, what more could a gal ask for?  Honestly?!? Both the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival and Matt Andersen!!!   … [Read more...]

Monday Moving & Grooving to Jamie Berry’s Delight


I have been spending the past 4 months recovering from an accident, and am happy to say that I am finally able to start strutting my stuff again and dance (thanks to a bit of inspiration from the Ross Neilsen Band)!  I can't tell you how overjoyed that's made me feel.  Eyes … [Read more...]

Ross Neilsen RAWKs British Columbia This Week!

Who wouldn't want to hug a man with such cool boots?

I've met some pretty cool people and the road, and one of those people is Ross Neilsen!  Two Autumns ago we passed each other, heading in opposite directions on the road - I eavesdropped on Ross and his band at lunch (or as I like to think of it, 'conducted research') and as my … [Read more...]

Enjoying Smile with the Final Episode of the Ross Neilsen Band Great Bass Player Search

Ross, Karl and Will

Needed a smile this morning, so I thought it was time to turn to a bit of absurdity and a trio of boys I adore, the Ross Neilsen Band ~ Ross Neilsen, Karl Gans, and Young Will Pacey.  Here they are with the final episode of the Great Bass Player Search.   [youtube … [Read more...]

A Wee Bit Delayed, but at Long Last ~ Episode 4 of the Great Bass Player Search

Who wouldn't want to hug a man with such cool boots?

Seems I have been a little sporadic in sharing the final episodes of Ross Neilsen and Karl Gans, Great Bass Player Search, so playing catch up now with Episode 4. Just to recap from Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3, when we last left our ridiculous and lovable duo they had … [Read more...]