Monday Moving & Grooving to Jamie Berry’s Delight

I have been spending the past 4 months recovering from an accident, and am happy to say that I am finally able to start strutting my stuff again and dance (thanks to a bit of inspiration from the Ross Neilsen Band)!  I can’t tell you how overjoyed that’s made me feel.  Eyes welling up just thinking about it.  Especially as there were a few weeks of the summer in which the fear was that I had a spinal cord injury.

At any rate, still taking it in baby steps, but going to start sharing some Monday Moving & Grooving inspiration to get me and the rest of you up and celebrating dance.  The first thanks to YouTube’s JustSomeMotion swinging out to Jamie Berry‘s Delight



Chair dancing as this plays. Future Goals: Swing out alongside JustSomeMotion to the full song, and eventually to create some dance celebrations of my own!



Emme  xoxo

Ross Neilsen RAWKs British Columbia This Week!

I’ve met some pretty cool people and the road, and one of those people is Ross Neilsen!  Two Autumns ago we passed each other, heading in opposite directions on the road – I eavesdropped on Ross and his band at lunch (or as I like to think of it, ‘conducted research’) and as my eavesdropping was abundantly obvious, Ross made fun of me – instantly worming his way into my heart.  A few months later, when he and the band played just over an hour from where I was, I went and listened to him and his band.  Love their sound!  Love listening to Ross even more singing solo, as I discovered a few months later at the International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee!

Here’s a little taste of Ross …



and his band (with a couple of extra friends on stage) …



So I have many old favourites of Ross’ that I love to listen to, but those aside, Ross has come out with one new solo CD (The Shack Up Sessions) and one new CD from the band (Resurrection), so I’m looking forward to relishing in some new to my ears tunes, like this one …



And might I add, shortly after publishing this post, it was announced that Ross won Blues Recording of the Year at the Music NB Awards tonight for The Shack Up Sessions! Way to go Ross!

Now if you are lucky enough to be in BC this week, here is where you can catch the Ross Neilsen Band (featuring Ross Neilsen on Guitar and Vocals, Karl Gans on the Drums, and Jim the Temp on Bass) as Ross Neilsen and the boys RAWK British Columbia:

The rest of the country will be able to catch Ross and the Band after that as they make their way back across country. Click here for tour dates and locations of the Resurrection Tour.

Bluesy Kisses,

Emme  xoxo

Enjoying Smile with the Final Episode of the Ross Neilsen Band Great Bass Player Search

Needed a smile this morning, so I thought it was time to turn to a bit of absurdity and a trio of boys I adore, the Ross Neilsen Band ~ Ross Neilsen, Karl Gans, and Young Will Pacey.  Here they are with the final episode of the Great Bass Player Search.



How can you help, but not smile (just not for the same reason as lips and Ross).

Blowing Kisses to my Blues Boys,

Emme xoxo

A Wee Bit Delayed, but at Long Last ~ Episode 4 of the Great Bass Player Search

Seems I have been a little sporadic in sharing the final episodes of Ross Neilsen and Karl Gans, Great Bass Player Search, so playing catch up now with Episode 4.

Just to recap from Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3, when we last left our ridiculous and lovable duo they had sent the Lips, the Clown and Young Will Pacey ‘to the basement’, which if you ask me, sounds a little suspect. Now we too get to enter ‘the basement’. *cue the foreboding music*



Who shall it be?  Truth be told, I do know, but I love you all too much to spoil it. Stay tuned …

Ross Neilsen RAWKS Vancouver Tonight!! (Saturday May 19th, 2012)

For those of you that have been reading along the past few months, you may recognize the name Ross Neilsen, the dark, mysterious, and terribly funny Blues Man that has been finding his way into mine and Roamancing’s stories as we keep bumping into him on the road.  We’ll I am pleased to say, he is rolling into Vancouver today, just in time for my homecoming.

You can catch Ross tonight (Saturday May 19th, 2012) and me with my feet a stomping at Pat’s Pub and Brewhouse at 403 E. Hastings St. at Dunlevy Ave in Vancouver. Show starts at 9 pm.

Curious as to what Ross sounds like?  Here is my favourite youtube video of him:



Tonight he will be playing with his new band, which I am very much looking forward to hearing.  The band includes Karl Gans (previously from Ross Neilsen & the Suffering Bastards) and Young Will Pacey (the new band mate).  Speaking of which I am a little overdue sharing Episode 3 of Ross and Karl’s Great Bass Search (for Episode 1 & 2 , click on the links), so here are the fools themselves:



Really, how can you not love these boys with classy videos such as that.

Hope to see you at the Show tonight.


Emme xoxo