Valentine’s Love

For me Valentine’s should not be a one day affair or simply about couples.  Valentine’s should be an on-going philosophy of remembering to tell the people in your life that you love them and showing them that on a regular basis.  Saying “I love you”  when you get off the phone or bid them adieu, giving them hugs and kisses when you see them and leave them, and doing thoughtful things for them.


Alas I may not be Richard Yearwood's 'lover', but I do love that this man has no issues with hugging, kissing or telling me he loves me. The feeling is mutual and one of the many reasons I love to both work and play with this man.


These are not simply the ramblings of a gal that is single on Valentine’s Day.  I actually generally prefer my single Valentines, as more people tell me they love me and I am never met with disappointment.  Plus Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo makes the best damn Valentine’s cat that there ever was.  She gives even more kisses and hugs than I do (and I’m pretty liberal with mine).

No, this is a philosophy instilled in me thanks to my parents.  And thanks to them, it is the reason that I know where I stand with my family, close friends and many of the people who I work with (who I consider to be family and close friends) ~ they love me and I love them (Hell, at  Ahimsa that seems to be one of the long term prerequisites ~ do they have talent and do we love them ~ necessary after all, when we do long hours, all over the World).  And as I get older and have sadly started to lose some of the people in my life that I love, it is for this reason that I always know the last thing that I said to them ~ I  love you! (and despite saying these words often, every day of my life, they are not hollow words).

And with that, I send all you lovely readers some hugs …



With smooches to Ian MacLatchy for posting this video on our producer, Erica’s, facebook wall, where I spotted it.

Love and Kisses,

Emme xoxo

The Ups and Downs of Going Solo

I was at Purdy’s a while before Valentine’s Day — which, for me, is more like Valentine’s Month —  to get “I’m-here-with-you” chocolates to share with the two single gal friends I was meeting up with for dinner. We made a promise that until we each find our own Mr. Right, we will keep sending each other chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Days. How sweet.

The salesperson at the store was very nice and helpful. She cheerfully wrapped up my presents and never showed a single sign of discrimination-due-to-relationship-status. When I told her I was buying for friends, she took me to a special area of the store to show me “the friendship collection.” Then, with a big smile on her face, she asked me if I wanted to buy an extra piece for a promotion they were doing: buy-2-get-1-at-half-price.

Without giving it any thought, I heard myself say: “Thanks! But I don’t have that many friends.” I saw her smile freeze — or was that in my head? I managed to throw out a “… that like chocolate.” But to her I was already a reclusive introvert with a tiny social life, and there was no going back.” We did use the good laugh at the dinner, though.

You probably now think that I am some nerdy introvert whose ideal shopping day is a nice afternoon at Chapters – and I am. I enjoy deep, long talks with only one or two friends, and I also appreciate time alone. Alone and never lonely.


Going Solo - Photo by Mili Perez

Except during shopping season.

Wandering through stores has long been known to be one of the best rechargers for many girls (and probably many guys too), which was exactly what I was planning the day after my last final exam. Problems? None at all. Except that all my friends were not yet done with their exams and I was going solo.

What are the ups and downs of shopping by yourself? And not just any shopping, but shopping for clothes and shoes in particular? Here’s what I’ve found so far.

The Ups:

1, Remember that time when your friends used every language (verbal, bodily, facial expression) to tell you that they are exhausted and dying to eat, but you just spot two incredibly cute tops that you simply have to try on? Not a problem if you’re going solo. Try as many things as you want, take as much time as you like, there’s no one to complain but your legs.

2, See that cutie who’s been eyeing you for awhile and is just about to come and say hi? Invite him/her over to sit down for a drink! If you’re going solo, that is. I’ve had some very interesting conversations with strangers (though not necessarily cuties who express an interest, sadly) when I’m on my own. Not so much if you have an army of friends around you and a busy shopping schedule to keep up with.

3, This is supposed to be confidential, but I’m secretly a picky person who always pretends to be the “either-way-is-fine-with-me” one in the group. I feel guilty about having to make people accommodate me. But that movie? Seriously? And I’m not about to wait thirty minutes in the rain no matter how good that restaurant is (or how good your friend heard it was from her boyfriend’s cousin. Bite me.)


My solitary foray into the great wide open - photo by pabojan


Sounding good so far? You might think going solo is the only way to go. Unfortunately, people stick together for a reason. Here are the downs:

1, “You went shopping with who?” “No one, just myself.” “You went shopping BY YOURSELF?”

There it is again. That look that tells me my dearest friends are sincerely concerned about my mental health – “poor girl can’t even find a shopping partner and she’s pretending everything’s all right. Will I tear her heart if I point out the problem?” Okay. Maybe I’m being a little too sensitive here, but you gotta admit: going out on the town by yourself isn’t the most conventional way to spend a holiday.

2, The dining issue.

Let’s face it – in a city like this one, a loner doesn’t stand out walking down the street or in and out of the dressing rooms, but s/he can’t help but stand out in a restaurant. The solution? Fast food and a cell phone. Cramming down a hamburger while pretending to be busy texting is how I do it. It gives me a feeling how busy-looking office ladies might feel during lunch break on days their co-workers call in sick. It explains both the alone and the busy part.

3, The “Why don’t you go ask?” “why don’t you go ask?” “all right, let’s do it together” problem.

Everybody has something that they’d rather a friend could do for them. Take me, for example. I don’t like to call taxis. No particular reason, I just don’t like making phone calls to strangers. Some people have trouble asking directions (thanks to the lovely GPS on my dearest iPhone I can never get lost wherever there is cell phone reception). Others lose things whenever their buds are not around to shout “here, you forgot this again!” Friends save lives, you know. So many reasons to have them around during dangerous forays into shopping districts.

Going solo or go with a group — I guess it’s a tie. But fortunately it is not an either-or decision. Do I enjoy my time with the gals? Definitely. But right now, I gotta go. I have a date with myself.

Photo by Akram

Valentines Kisses

Simply because everyone deserves to be kissed on Valentines Days …

… and I say that as a gal whose kisses today came from a loving little Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo and blown from family members across the country.  May not have a ‘plus one’ in my world, but I do have a huge amount of love. Reminded everyday of that.

Valentines love and kisses,

Emme xoxo

Fun at the Saxony House

Hidden in the bushes of Stanley Park, overlooking the city at the beautiful Vancouver Rowing club, lies the Saxony House, a house that really offers it all. We got in at 6:30 and I had one of the best sausages I have ever had. They sell the idea of true German food by saying: “have some German mustard kid” every time you get a hot dog (‘hot dog’!!!! Ack!!!! It’s a German Sausage Mario!! Don’t let the Saxon’s hear you calling it a hot dog. Darn American schools – emme), and at that moment you feel like you’re following an order more than a suggestion because of the thick accent, but you don’t care, because the mustard is really fantastic. Now I’m not a food critic because all of my reviews would be something in the range of: “this food was delicious” to “this food was good”, I am writing here to talk about the fun you will have if you go to the Saxony House.

Saxony House-1

Saxony House during the day by Ariene Colenbrander

At the start of the night you have folk music and everyone is having the time of their lives as they drink the really good (but no so cheap) beer. People dance and root for any German or Canadian participating in the events on screen (I think the German only root for the Canadians because they feel guilty for being more fun than them, and the Canadians for drinking their delicious beer) and when the events are over (which happens around 7:30) a really fun folk dance group sings traditional Saxony music and even songs they made up for the Olympics. As people get drunker the fun only increments and by 1030, the real fun begins.

The Saxony house has brought a DJ that is really good, he mixes songs like no ones business, and the transitions from one song to the other are almost perfect. I say “real fun” because here the atmosphere is a much younger one (after 10 I am thinking the average age lowered to around 28) and everyone is having young fun dancing to techno beats and Kid Cudi. I recommend everyone to get there, although get there early and bring a lot of money as you will be drinking a lot, but after 8 the line is just insane. It is actually a lot of fun, and you can actually learn about Saxony while being there, everyone is so nice as well. Did you guys know that Audi was invented in Saxony? I didn’t.

By the way guys, for Valentine’s day I’m going here: The Chinese Benevolent Association as it is also Chinese new years! I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow, but in this sunny day, I recommend it! Later on today I’ll also be watching either the German movie about WW1 “The white ribbon” or the chick flick “Valentine’s day”. I would rather see the WW1 movie to tell you the truth, but the other is about love and stuff. And what guy can say no to a movie with Jessica Alba?

Valentine’s Challenge (make sure you read all the way to the bottom)

So I mentioned in Valentine’s Singles that I love to be single on Valentines Day. Part of the reason for that is that I have so many friends that do or send me silly things that make me laugh on my single Valentines. Whether it is my parents sending me a card of a frog in a crown with his tongue stuck out, that reads “Some day your prince will come, but till then aren’t you glad you have friends like us!?!” (I know – HOW RUDE!!) or a personalized Harlequin Romance from the great European author Mr. Von Ritter.

Actually Mr. Von Ritter’s Harlequin Romance has to be THE GREATEST VALENTINES of all time. I laughed so hard that I cried – hell, I think I may have even peed my pants. Needless to say the cat was a little alarmed.

Here it is:

But let's get back to the nitty-gritty - the frog! No Prince Charming in shining armour on your doorstep or in your closet? That's hard to believe. For such a prize (i.e. this lovely,charming maiden fair) I think all the knights (and frogs) in the world ought to be queuing up to win your favour. They probably are, but so far not one of them has proven worthy of you in battle and were thus slain and devoured by your minions Miss Roo and Mr. Bunikins!

Outside E.'s townhouse - sudden darkness - a flash of lightning - from a white mist emerges a dark figure (dark rumbling music turns into an angelic fanfare) - the camera pans slowly up from the metal boots over the shiny steel armour on the legs and lingers on the coat of arms on the breastplate- etched in gold on silver we see a dragon looking through the viewfinder of an HD-camera - the camera pans up further - a vicious-looking black helmet - the visor obscuring the knight's face - a gloved-hand moves to raise the visor - behold! It's Von Ritter the much-feared robber baron of the Black Forest! - Close-up V.'s hand in a chainmail glove knocks on E.'s door - from inside the house: the dark hallway facing the front door - with a creak the door opens and a narrow beam of light floods in - gingerly V. sets foot in the hallway, cautiously glancing around - skeletons of previous suitors lie in dark corners, empty helmets line the hallway - then suddenly - crash! Zosh! - Miss Roo and Mr. Bunikins appear and block V's progress, hissing and growling - close-up: pearls of sweat on V.'s brow - he slowly moves his hand to the hilt of his sword - he takes off the chainmail glove of his right hand - reaches down AND - cut to close-up of hand - we see Miss Roo licking V.'s outstretched fingers... To be continued!"

Mr. Von Ritter – I will be expecting the continuation this Valentines Day. I am dying to learn just what Miss Roo has done with all those suitors – or maybe it was them that were doing the dying.

As for the rest of my readers, I challenge you to outdo Von Ritter’s Romance! Who will pick up the gauntlet and battle to my side!?!

If you dare take on the challenge – the Username is Valentines and the Password is TellMeATale.

Happy writing dear readers!

With love and Valentines kisses,