FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Mom


Seemed to be a special day yesterday for the two-legged bringers of food, so despite this being their job, mine is rather exceptional, so I thought I'd actually start writing again for her.  After all, her vocabulary tutelage has rather dwindled these last few months and goodness … [Read more...]

FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Blogathon

They're still at it those crazy two-leggers and will be for another 4 hours.  A few whiskers short if you ask me, but you do have to admire their perseverance.  Just could someone tell me why no one is blogging for a feline charity???? Cross-posted from hummingbird604 This … [Read more...]

FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Dalliance

A leisurely meow to all you cats out there. I do plan on writing great feline words of wisdom a little more frequently, but as a superior being you can't possibly begin to understand the great pressures weighing on our time.  As of late, the least of which has been healing my … [Read more...]

FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Hankering

I know I haven't been instilling feline wisdom in you for a few weeks, but I was in a bit of a spat with my two-legger.  SHE went to see Beams and his two-legger without me.  The nerve!!!!  Does she not know ...  Okay I'm stopping myself, because I'm above that.  In fact, I've … [Read more...]

FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Cacophony

This week's word:  Cacophony Cacophony: A mix of sounds so horrendous that they cause us felines to yowl and hide. 'Some two-leggers think that the feline mating ritual causes a cacophony.  Admittedly, I do know a few Tom Cats that are quite boisterous in their singing, but … [Read more...]