FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Mom

Seemed to be a special day yesterday for the two-legged bringers of food, so despite this being their job, mine is rather exceptional, so I thought I’d actually start writing again for her.  After all, her vocabulary tutelage has rather dwindled these last few months and goodness know, she could use it.

This week’s word:  Mom

Mom: This is not a word that we felines use, except with the feline that conceived us, washed us and fed us, in those first few days of life.  My two-legger refers to herself as my Mom, which leads me to believe that Moms are the creatures that feed us and respond to our every whim.  I refer to my two-legger as my servant, so maybe Moms are that, only I get a feeling that there is something more. Really hate to admit it, for fear that it will get my two-legger to big for her bridges, but I do believe that something more is Love.

‘My two-legger is somewhat of an exceptional Mom, as she acts as a wonderful heating blanket every night (only someone should really tell her that to be a blanket, she shouldn’t move), she cuts me up the succulent green little tree-like things, and she’s always there for a hug when I need one.’

My 'Mom' in all of cuddliness. Someone just needs to tell the silly two-legger next to her to move on. Those are my hugs.


FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Blogathon

They’re still at it those crazy two-leggers and will be for another 4 hours.  A few whiskers short if you ask me, but you do have to admire their perseverance.  Just could someone tell me why no one is blogging for a feline charity????

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This week’s word:  Blogathon

Blogathon: A day that confirms the fact that two-leggers are far below the feline on the evolutionary ladder and really not all that bright.For some reason, these two-leggers spend an entire sunny summer Saturday blogging. One new post every half hour.

‘My two-legger often makes me meow in aspiration, but at least she was not as silly as Raul to join a blogathon and spend a sunny writing a new post every half hour. There is hope for her yet. Now a sleepathon with a cat nap in a new sunny spot every half hour I can totally understand. Also totally get a birdathon, where every half hour we swat a new bird out of the air, especially the little ones that humm incessantly.’

Enjoying myself today on a sleepathon, whilst the insane two-leggers run frazzled on their blogathon.

Enjoying myself today on a sleepathon, whilst the insane two-leggers run frazzled on their blogathon.


FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Dalliance

A leisurely meow to all you cats out there. I do plan on writing great feline words of wisdom a little more frequently, but as a superior being you can’t possibly begin to understand the great pressures weighing on our time.  As of late, the least of which has been healing my two-legger from her spring time dalliance.  But why am I explaining this to you?   You’re just a mere two-legger and on that note, back to our tutelage…

So this week’s word:  Dalliance

Dalliance: The silly, totally frivolous and often trifling activities that two-leggers get up to in the Spring and Summer, most of the time with amorous intentions in mind.

‘My two-legger is usually quite an intelligent creature (well as far as two-leggers go), but when this involves dalliance I have to close my eyes and ears to avoid witnessing the disaster that ensues. Does she not understand as a female (the superior sex, of course) that she should lay back and let the male two-legger perform the dalliance? They do after all seem to enjoy the chase. And then she’d end up with less egg on her face when its all said and done.’

One alley cat that is often doing acts of dalliance to catch my eye.

One alley cat that is often doing acts of dalliance to catch my eye.


FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Hankering

I know I haven’t been instilling feline wisdom in you for a few weeks, but I was in a bit of a spat with my two-legger.  SHE went to see Beams and his two-legger without me.  The nerve!!!!  Does she not know …  Okay I’m stopping myself, because I’m above that.  In fact, I’ve decided to insert the claws, because today is the day that the two-leggers call Mother’s Day and although us felines don’t really have a word for ‘mother’, this is what my two-legger calls herself.  I think it means ‘bringer of food, cleaner of mess and most fantastic cuddler’.

So this week’s word:  Hankering

Hankering: A yearning or longing, like the kind that happens in the pants of a two-legged male during the Spring.

‘Two-Legger, Lord Likely’s pants often display the signs of a hankering and not only in the Spring.  Based on the strut that Lord Likely has around my two-legger. I’d say he has a hankering for her, but then again he struts like that around all female two-leggers.’

Right now I have a hankering to give my two-legger a cuddle, especially since she's upset over her Mom. Hate seeing her upset. Photo by Lola May.

FFR’s Wiley Weekly Word: Cacophony

This week’s word:  Cacophony

Cacophony: A mix of sounds so horrendous that they cause us felines to yowl and hide.

‘Some two-leggers think that the feline mating ritual causes a cacophony.  Admittedly, I do know a few Tom Cats that are quite boisterous in their singing, but if the two-leggers were smart enough to understand feline, then they’d realize that really this is beautiful love duet that is being sung.’

Baby two-leggers have a tendency to create a cacophony. Picture by Adrian Donatien

Baby two-leggers have a tendency to create a cacophony. Picture by Adrian Donatien