“My Love Shines” ~ Ron Sexsmith

It’s amazing how a good story and really fantastic music can carry you out of yourself!  And thank goodness!  I started out my evening with a head that felt ready to explode, an erupting nose (yep, I’m talking snot), and a burning throat. All that vanished as I stuck a sneak peek of Felt Film and Paperny Films’ Documentary on Ron Sexsmith, Love Shines.  Wow!  Why hadn’t I found this amazing Canadian talent sooner.  As my music expert and very dear friend, Rob Jones says, “He’s not made a bad record after a twenty-year recording career. Not too many artists like that.”

Just wished I’d caught the film on the big screen.  If you happen to be in Whitehorse this Friday you can, as Director Douglas Arrowsmith will be there airing of the Film at the Available Light Film Festival at 7:45 pm.  It is also going to be a part of 24 Beats per Second at South by South West in March, but I have no idea of that schedule yet.  Have heard a rumour though that Ron will be there.

Okay off to bed as my head is back to feeling explosive.

Nightie night,

Emme xoxo