The Sneaky Steppers Cleverly Marrying Tourism, the Arts and Education

I have always loved flashmobs. They’re fun and they make me smile, but I have to say this one that I found online from St. Patrick’s Day 2011 is an incredibly clever piece of Transmedia Marketing between the arts and tourism.



It was funded by Tourism Ireland, yet at Central Station in Sydney, Australia to gain attention for Riverdance in Australia.   To make this even cooler the members of Riverdance worked with local Australian school children to put this dance together, and it was all organized and coordinated by the Sneaky Steppers, who I recently saw at Hamilton Place with the Hamilton Philharmonic and Cherish the Ladies.  Love this sort of collaboration for both the arts and positive, fun marketing.

A Love Song From Ireland & Stephen Maguire

One of my goals with our little romantic travel adventure is to get men (and women) all across the world to serenade us.  And without even divulging this secret wish, it’s already begun, although sadly not in person this time:

Yep, that Irish Stud, Stephen Maguire, sent me a love song from across the pond in Ireland.  Well, in truth, his beautiful wife, Tera, sent me the love song, but she’s just as hot as he is, so works for me.

Next up, gotta get Stephen to serenade me in person.  That and get that sexy sweetheart Richard Yearwood to serenade Brie and I in person and on camera – he’s already done it once over the phone, but Fuzzies accidentally walked over my iphone and clicked delete.

I’m really rather fond of the goals I have in life.


Emme xoxo