Last Chance to Enter to be @VisitEngland’s Fan in a Van

Having lived in an Olympic Town my advice to the residents, take the time off work to fully enjoy the experience and start planning now to make the most out of the experience.  I can’t say that living in an Olympic Town is all a bed of roses.  We are still paying for it in Vancouver and the Games Committee can certainly make things trying for the residents leading up to the Games. While a few local businesses benefit, many can suffer during the Games.  You can dwell on these negatives, or you can recognise that it is happening and turn it into a fun once in a lifetime experience for you.  You don’t even have to be into sports, because, as I discovered, the Games brings with it this lovely thing called the Cultural Olympiad, where you get to experience cultural flavours from around the World in the form of food, beverages, theatre, music, and art, and much of this is free.  It really is a lovely way to get a taste for World travel without leaving home (or at least your hometown).  In fact, it was this that I needed to finally bring Roamancing to life.


Watching a few of the Russian Figure Skaters Train


So speaking of making the most of it, one thing I wish I’d done (had I stopped being annoyed by the Games Committee sooner), was apply for experiences to take part in the Games.  I mention this as Tourism England (aka. Visit England / Enjoy England) has a pretty gosh, darn cool opportunity for a UK digital storyteller leading up to London 2012, in the form of the Fan in a Van Search.


Tourism England's search for the Fan in a Van is on. Will this be you?


Basically they are putting one lucky budding digital storyteller with a passionate love for England in an iconic Anglomobile, decked out with everything they need to get started on a 70-day, all-expenses-paid trip around their green and pleasant land, following the Olympic Torch.  In return, the fans job is to entertain England with videos, photos, tales of adventure and lots of fun.

If this is something that sounds like fun to you, then it’s time to put down the crumpet, pour a fresh cup of tea, roll up the sleeves and get writing as the deadline for Round 1 of this competition is April 9th at midnight, UK time.  That’s tomorrow!

To be entered into Round 1, you need to send them 100 words on your favourite place in England and why you love it, accompanied by a picture you’ve taken to go with it.

Depending on how you fair on Round 1, there will be 2 more rounds:

  • Round 2: A 60 second video clip telling them why you love where you live.
  • Round 3: Meet the team at VisitEngland HQ and tell them why you’re the best person for the role.

Here is where to go for those that wish to apply.

Wishing those of you that decide to apply, good luck and have fun with this!


A History Lesson in Style

Normally I find the fashion world to be somewhat stuffy, pretentious, neglectful of real (and healthy) bodies, and lacking in comfort and functionality. This, however, I love:



Feeling so much more sophisticated after that history lesson.

Kisses to Alyzee for whom’s youtube channel I found this on and to Westfield Stratford City for making this video. … and to the rest of you for just being you!

~ Emme xoxo