Emme’s Dating Profile

So who am I?  Depends on the day of the week really.


Photo by Lola May

Photo by Lola May

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Colour: Ginger

Height: 5ft 7″

Age: 30-something

Hometown: Canada. I have been most fortunate in that I have been able to explore and live in many different parts of Canada and a result I am proud to say that it is our vast country and cultures that have shaped who I am.

Current City of Residence: Vancouver, BC

Profession: Writer.  I also occasionally act, but although this can pay the bills quite nicely, I really do it for my own entertainment.

Photo by Lola May

Photo by Lola May


Favorite Music: Definitely Jazz!  Love to Swing Dance!  Actually love to dance in general, even though I was a ballet school drop-out at the age of 5.

Favorite Activities: Anything and everything outdoors, although I am trying to avoid contact sports due to a residual competitive nature left over from my preteen years as a Tomboy.  This competitiveness has lead to an attraction to danger, accidents and an unfortunate proneness to concussions as of late.

Favorite Pastimes: Cooking when there are people to cook for. I love the sensuality of food and how it plays with your senses.  I would, however, refer to myself as a cook not a chef.  I like making comforting foods and don’t so much care how they look on the plate.  If you come over for dinner, you are more than likely to be served some sort of experiment that comes out of my head, not a recipe book.  Some are good.  Others while still edible and healthy, could use some perfecting.

I also love to read, write and muck about in the dirt.

Favorite Ingredients: Cheese.  Good Cheese.

Nicknames: Ginger.

Companions: A wonderful furry friend by the name of Miss Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo or Roo for short.  Being the Goddess of all creatures – of course, I am speaking of the cat – she is also sometimes referred to as Princess Roo, Oh Furry One (or Your Furriness) or Angel (because she is, of course celestial).  Much to her distaste, she has also been called Monster.

Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo

Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo