Lighting Up a Wet Winter Night with a Few Sufferin’ Bastards

Nothing like a few Sufferin’ Bastards to light up a wet winter night, and that my friends is what you’ll find at the Oasis in Cobourg, Ontario tonight.



Which means an evening road trip for little ol’ moi, as these are the Blues Boys I met road tripping #CrossCanada.  Can’t have Ross Neilsen & the Sufferin’ Bastards playing so close and not go to see them live … where would the love in that be.

If you aren’t able to catch them tonight, here are a few of their other stops on their way home to New Brunswick:




Emme xoxo
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    1. [...] also be aware that the first adventure we took Lucy roamancing on was to catch the tail end of the Sufferin’ Bastards #CrossCanada Autumn Tour at the Oasis in Cobourg, Ontario. And one Hell of a good night of RAWK it was, as the boys schooled Lucy in a [...]

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