What if we carried our social media behaviors into ‘real’ life?

Would you be my friend? …  I’m going to follow you.  … poke poke poke …



Never thought about how truly bizarre or creepy our social networking behaviors would be in ‘real’ life.  Maybe that’s why this medium has been so difficult for traditional media, marketers and some individuals to wrap their heads around.

And what an interesting idea for an opera. Two Boys Opera played last June / July at London’s English National Opera.  As best I can tell, I can’t see it scheduled anywhere else at the moment, but would love to see it if anyone gets a line on where it’s playing next.


Emme xoxo

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    1. Ha ha. I must be quite good as never send friend requests to people I don’t know. Also do not write on other peoples walls! Will have to stop the poking though!!

      That woman’s reaction is hilarious. “oh – you are actually following me”
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    2. I’m laughing and cringing all at the same time. It’s so true. It’s all a bit ridiculous. It is amazing how much I’ve pimped myself out to total strangers in the name of getting my writing read…but then again it’s lead me places like this site. It is strange for sure but I suppose we all know you could never ACTUALLY go around living the way we do online. I guess that is the appeal for some people who don’t interact well with others in reality. *I promise I’m not one of those people though!*

      :) Loved the video. Thanks for sharing it.
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