My Present to You … A Bit of Ron Sexsmith

I can’t think of a better way to wish all of you a Happy Holidays than with a song and some thoughtful words from Ron Sexsmith.



Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, and absolute delight in whatever your winter festivities are!


Emme xoxo

What I Want for the Holidays? @TheArtOfDancing Advent Calendar

I think I’m in love!


5th December – ‘Cantina Band’ by John Williams from lewisnluke on Vimeo.


Please tell me that they are single.

And as this is after all an Advent Calendar, I don’t think it is too much to ask that somebody tie them up in a bow for me and leave them waiting under the tree for me on the 25th.


Emme xoxo

Taunted by Burnaby Village Museum

Well, you know I’m all about the tease, and a tease is exactly what I got when the cats at Ahimsa Media got us into the Burnaby Village Museum for a photo shoot earlier this month.  I got just enough of a taste for the place to know I wanted to spend a whole lot more time there exploring and possibly writing.  The place screamed of stories, plots, settings, characters … If only the walls or the ghosts that pass through them could talk.

A moment captured by Jeremy Lim on the train at Burnaby Village Museum.

We are getting set for a series of travel adventures, but even if Burnaby Village Museum is just a short jaunt away, I could see Brie and I having a tremendous number of adventures there, and rather than travel through space, we could travel back in time.  I know that the Village Interpretors dress in period clothing to give visitors a first hand taste of BC history, but would they let Brie and I do the same, for a day at least?  I mean could you imagine what a riot that would be and the stories we could soak in from that!?!

That gives me a nice little day dream for now, to distract me from the fact that the Burnaby Village Museum closes for the winter season on January 2, 2011 and I don’t return to town until after that.  Fiddle Sticks!  If you are in town and luckier than me, then this living history museum is open for exploration daily now until January 2nd, 2011 from noon to 8 pm.

Burnaby Carousel shot through the lens of Carol Browne.

As for me, I guess I will have to stick with my imagination until they either open for a special event, like this past year’s Spring Scavenger Hunt in February and March or until they are open for the summer season in May, 2011.  Good thing I have a wonderfully active imagination to tide me over in the in term.


Emme xoxo

Unexpected Aid in Showing Boxing Day Restraint

Couldn’t figure out how my sister could possibly be so thin after having a baby.  That was until I accidentally leaned against her fridge earlier today with a plate laden with trifle and pavlova. As I leaned back this is what I was greeted with:

Howling You A Very Merry Christmas!

Despite being very cat-like in nature, I have a few canine attributes from golden retriever-like locks to my delight in howling at the moon.  No, full moon tonight, but here are my festive yuletide howls to you this Christmas Day:

Shhh!  Don’t tell Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo.  Wouldn’t want her disgusted at me on Christmas Day.