Ross Neilsen’s Serving Up the Black Coffee

For those of you that have been following along for awhile, especially on, you’ll know I love my slow moving weekend coffee blips.  So was pretty excited to discover this morning, while posting a ‘Tune from the Road‘ on Roamancing, that Mr. Ross Neilsen was serving up some ‘Black Coffee’.



If like me, you love listening to artists play around with making tunes and writing their own music, you’ll want to follow along on Ross’ blog as he’s taking on the Song of the Week Challenge.  Was first introduced to this concept when Bronwyn Malloy was interning with Ahimsa Media, and lending her pen to my site, and I have to say it gave me a huge appreciation for the creativity and hard work these musicians put into their craft.

In a ‘Rain Mood’ with Bronwyn Malloy

It has been awhile since we’ve checked in with the creative young talent that is Bronwyn Malloy.  We found her jamming to her new song ‘Rain Mood’ with her Dad, Stephen Malloy, on a veranda in the Middle of Nowhere, Quebec.



Such talent!  Looking forward to seeing where she takes it.


Emme xoxo

An Ode to Our Interns

I’m not quite sure why I have been feeling a sad sense of reflection this last week.  Perhaps it is that the days are cooling down and that the carefree days of summer are coming to an end (even if I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the carefree part).  But no question about it, as I read Alyzee Lakhani’s latest post, this time the tears catching in my eyes were that sad reflection, that with summer winding up, we lose the two incredible interns that I’ve been pinching from Ahimsa to school.

Bronwyn and Alyzee, with whom I imagine is the British accented drill Sargent barking orders at Alyzee in her head (see Alyzee's latest post for the reference).

I am really going to miss these gals.  Alyzee and her incredible gift with the quill.  Bronwyn, whom was born to have a spotlight shine on her and has an incredible gift for the audiovisual arts that I was only just beginning to grasp.

For all that I tease Erica, I do hope she agrees and we can find a way to keep these two involved, if only on those occasional moments that they have a breather between school deadlines, as I will greatly miss these two creative spirits.

Thanks Alyzee and Bronwyn!

Shedding off the Funk

To kick the day off on the right foot, an uplifting video from a creative teen that Alyzee and Bronwyn introduced me to, to the tune of one sexy Van City cat with a beautiful voice – Hannah Georgas:

Thanks Shea and Hannah! I needed this this morning.

Tales of Aviation

Most of us have flown in a plane. This is because most of us prefer air travel to driving over oceans, and steamer ships seem to be in short supply these days.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in airports. Most recently I saw a friend off on her way to Switzerland for six weeks to learn French. (People do these things!) Before that, I was on six flights in three weeks, four of them over five hours in length. That’s a lot of hours not only in airplanes, but in airports. All those long hours of purposeful, anxiety-fraught sitting that manage to be more exhausting than running a half-marathon have got to be filled with something. I usually choose a steely yet non-threatening expression on my face (ideal message: not a security threat, but not a potential new friend either), the entire Weakerthans discography on my iPod (including John K. Samson’s 1993 Propagandhi-era solo EP “Slips and Tangles,” complete with the bitterly brilliant track “Airport Lounge”) and a new Shitty-Irish-Chick-Lit novel. It passes the time.

Lots to look at. (Photo by myself)

Sometimes I send annoyed emails to friends, reporting the (non-)action. For example, from last month: “So here I am in yet another airport lounge, listening to a blaring television that’s on a loop of death off to the right. Every ten minutes or so a commercial comes on for something that must be sad and child-related (I can’t see the screen) – a woman’s voice plaintively singing “Head and shoulders, knees and toes…” over a subtly swelling string section. Jealous?”

But, you know – those lost hours add up. And sometimes you have one of those moments when you think, “these minutes are as much a part of my life as any other minutes.” Two choices remain here: panic at the impossibility of living a spontaneous, carefree, world-trotting life when so much of that life tends to be spent sitting in relentlessly uncomfortable seats, or…eavesdrop. (Which may also induce panic. But really, if you eavesdrop on a plot to hijack a plane in an airport, rather than fear the ineffectual plotters you should probably move away in all haste so you don’t get knocked over as the plotters get bodily taken down by lumbering security officials.)

Traveling can be tiresome. (Photo by myself)

During one of my recent stretches of time spent in an airport lounge, I turned the tables and eavesdropped on some security officials. Very satisfying. One female official was standing behind a desk, desperately trying to look busy, as another, older male guard regaled her with his best war stories:

“Tell ya, had two tire totals in one day. Both in the same day! Like, two tires were totaled in one day. So I got myself a four-set of 10 ply plymouths, never had a tire problem again. Can you believe that!?”

Then, he unveiled his real corker:

“Got a couple kayaks, down at Jericho…oh yeah, I go there every week. I’m a member. One for someone your size. Well, originally for my daughter. One bigger one. For someone like me. Think fate’s telling us something? Haha…yeah, I’m an atheist too.”

Next time you’re in an airport, don’t close yourself in a bubble of pointless travel-induced-tension. Eavesdrop instead! You’ll be amazed at the intelligence, kindness, and sheer idiocy of the human race. You may also get a few funny looks. Please don’t sue me if you get taken down by security for staring at people and writing down everything they say.