2014 CBCmusic.ca Festival Tease: Crystal Shawanda, Hannah Georgas, and Arkells

Dancing to Shaun Verreault at the 2013 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival.

Funny how so often when you are down in the dumps and needing that reminder that things are okay ... that you are okay ... you happen upon that song that ever so simply reminds you of just that! As I went to discover more music from the 2014 CBCmusic.ca Festival lineup, that is … [Read more...]

Ross Neilsen’s Serving Up the Black Coffee

ross small

For those of you that have been following along for awhile, especially on blip.fm, you'll know I love my slow moving weekend coffee blips.  So was pretty excited to discover this morning, while posting a 'Tune from the Road' on Roamancing, that Mr. Ross Neilsen was serving up … [Read more...]

In a ‘Rain Mood’ with Bronwyn Malloy

Bronwyn Malloy, photographed by Linda Fenton Malloy

It has been awhile since we've checked in with the creative young talent that is Bronwyn Malloy.  We found her jamming to her new song 'Rain Mood' with her Dad, Stephen Malloy, on a veranda in the Middle of Nowhere, Quebec.   [youtube EGIISMKFRlk]   Such talent! … [Read more...]

An Ode to Our Interns

Bronwyn and Alyzee, with whom I imagine is the British accented drill Sargent barking orders at Alyzee in her head (see Alyzee's latest post for the reference).

I'm not quite sure why I have been feeling a sad sense of reflection this last week.  Perhaps it is that the days are cooling down and that the carefree days of summer are coming to an end (even if I didn't get a chance to enjoy the carefree part).  But no question about it, as I … [Read more...]

Shedding off the Funk


To kick the day off on the right foot, an uplifting video from a creative teen that Alyzee and Bronwyn introduced me to, to the tune of one sexy Van City cat with a beautiful voice - Hannah Georgas: [youtube]YD6-EZV_yt0[/youtube] Thanks Shea and Hannah! I needed this this … [Read more...]