Marius conquers the mountain

I'm not a morning person. The sweet smell of napalm in the morning makes me want to go curl up in a bed. Emme kidnapped me at 2:30 AM to go up to Grouse mountain and investigate what fun stuff there was to do. I had never been up there before, and the sights were … [Read more...]

Contagiously Canadian

I have been present in many crowded events over my 21 years. New Year's in NY 2009, New Year's in Toronto 2010, when Peruvian President Fujimori resigned in 2000, to watch Britney Spears drink coffee in Boston, between others. Yet not once have I felt the energy I did last night … [Read more...]

‘One Day’ – Matisyahu Show is what the Winter Games are all about

Taking a shower under the rain is always fun, but it's even more fun when you are watching a great artist perform. Matisyahu is a reggae/rock/hip hop artist who's orthodox Jewish beliefs do not interfere with his praise for peace. He reminds more of Bob Marley because beneath a … [Read more...]

Fun at the Saxony House

Hidden in the bushes of Stanley Park, overlooking the city at the beautiful Vancouver Rowing club, lies the Saxony House, a house that really offers it all. We got in at 6:30 and I had one of the best sausages I have ever had. They sell the idea of true German food by saying: … [Read more...]

A Glimpse of Me – The Intern

You See Ladies I Can't Be All That Bad - Cats Like Me

My first job was as a telemarketer for UBC. I wasn’t really a telemarketer, as I wasn’t selling a product, I was just asking for donations from people who were broke after college or newly fathered couples who were finding out how expensive diapers really were (that actually was … [Read more...]