Fire in the Night

The Firefly was definitely the one to follow as far as Banff Night Life was concerned. I don’t know how she did it, but she actually managed to turn the Rundle Lounge into the ‘hotspot’ of the festival, post Tuesday night’s barbecue. It certainly didn’t hurt that she had the English Cherry, a British Cock, the crazy Saskatchewan delegation and the Wild Cowgirl with her entire male entourage in tow. And the pianist, Michael Sicoly, certainly rose to the occasion, belting out a lively array of tunes to keep the room a rock’n. He even played with his feet at one point (at least I think it was his feet – although I must admit my recollections can’t be trust as I was taken up by the moment). Well, and quite admittedly, I was a little distracted by the antics of the Firefly.

The Firefly was literally alight and my guess, was causing a fire in more than one of the fellows. I nearly keeled over with laughter when I entered the Rundle Lounge to find her doing a little number on the grand staircase leading down from the ballroom above. One leg up on the banister, she tossed her hair round in the air and ever so gracefully swiveled her leg off the banister and swaggered her way down the stairs in true wild west saloon gal style! It was a hoot! The men were lined up, clambering to buy her a drink. And to make it even funnier, all she wanted was a water. Teddy, a little bolder than the rest (and with good reason – he knows he is one of her favorites and is loved), grabbed her and tossed her into the air and she didn’t miss a beat, but rather used it to transition into her floor (and piano) dancing number. Even the pianist became a part of the act.

I don’t ever remember seeing the Firefly have such grace or moves. All I can say is I have got to find out who her dance teacher is! Those lessons were definitely worth every penny. And I am thinking that it may be time that the Firefly broadened her horizons beyond the children’s programs. Those moves might be better served on screen in a bit of a different genre.

In festival tradition, the night wrapped up high on top of the Springs, in the Marilyn Monroe turned Oasis Party Suite. I will stop writing here as there is something about this suite that has a habit of turning a movie from PG to X-rated. Just ask Sid and Teddy – they were caught ‘swinging’ from the chandelier in the Marilyn Monroe boudoir last year. Although they might claim that had something to do with the lightning, this writer would suggest otherwise.

Love always,


PS The two videos below highlight a few of the places mentioned. The Rundle Lounge in the Marilyn Monroe video and ironically, the Marilyn Monroe Suite in the Fairy Princess Video. Both are seen following this post under the category “The Gals”

Chill’n Out in the Rockies

The festival night life got off to a much more mellow start this year. Must have been all that time Sid and I spent on the golf course and in the hot springs. It wasn’t a bad thing though. I am at a stage now where many of the Banff Regulars have become part of my extended family and the festival in many ways is like a bit of a homecoming or reunion. Thus Sid and I enjoyed a quiet Sunday night in Banff standards. We found a table at the Canamedia Anniversary Party at the Rose and Crown, and the party and, of course the hugs, came to us. I don’t know what it is about Banff, but despite the many sharks that this industry attracts, it also attracts some of the most fabulous, warm, protective, and hilarious souls out there. And I feel very fortunate to have been embraced by a number of those characters. I also love the fact that with each year, another two or three people are added to that list. This year I’d like to think that I have added another three to that group – an English Cherry, a British Cock and a Wild Saltwater Cowgirl.

Monday night was a bit wilder, but with a relaxed, mellow tone. Rather than following or leading the party – I simply created my own party. Dancing to the great band from the Awards Gala. Singing along to the guitar in the Rundle Lounge with the Firefly, the Wild British Rose and Andrea and Lee of Canamedia. Finishing the night off by joining Don from Finale for a pint at the St. James’s.

Photo by Shawn Duffy

Speaking of the St. James’s, I did spot one van sexy up to a bit of mischief on the Sunday night. Not mentioning any names, but this newfie actually had the balls to take a full pint of Guiness out of the Rose and Crown, walk down the street with it, bypass the line out front of the St James’s with it and waltz in through the St James’s Gate’s kitchen, pint still in hand. To make it even funnier she actually managed to get a preacher’s wife (of all people) to follow suit!!!

Good times! Good times!

Love Emme

Megan Cole, Reporter to the Stars

At sexyinvancity, we’ve always had our eyes on the oh so van sexy Miss Megan Cole of Canada Bombshell and Bridging Media, knowing how this girl could move and shake things up. We’ll after Monday in Banff, Miss Megan Cole even shocked us with her moves. All in one day this girl managed some one on one time with the who’s who on the television screen.

She even managed some face time with the sexiest of the Sex and the City gals, none other than Kim Cattrall. This interview confirmed what I had long suspected – Hollywood’s sexiest stars are BC gals – not all born, but certainly raised – and more specifically, Vancouver Island gals. Yes, Kim Cattrall, like Pamela Anderson and Nellie Frittata calls Vancouver Island home. And like our sexy in van gals, I was excited to discover that this BC gal hasn’t only perfected her strutt for the cameras, but is as savvy as she is sexy.

Watch on my lovelies …… (Video clips following this post – under the category of “The Gals”)

A British Tee in Banff

The changing of the guards has now taken place and the Banff Television Festival is in full swing. Sid and I launched into the festival in a different way than normal this year. Rather than our typical waltz into the festivals night life, we decided on a much more tranquil beginning this year (don’t worry we haven’t gone stiff on you – tranquil can still involve madness, mayhem and just a little bit of over imbibing). With free accommodations, we decided we could afford to check out Sunday’s Golf Tournament as we’d heard it was a relaxed environment to get to know some of the festivals movers and shakers. While this is indeed true, the wise old coot running the tourney paired us up with a couple of Brits that he figured would enjoy our sense of humour and perhaps even make it worse. And worse it became.

Photo by Kevin Fraser

These (for lack of a better word) gentlemen were a hoot! Although their golf was atrocious. They claim that had something to do with me – that normally they were really quite splendid golfers. All I can say is that true to the industry in which they work these gentlemen were absolutely splendid at telling a good story. My most vivid memory is of one of the gentlemen in question winding up for a shot, hitting the nearest tree and having to duck as the ball spiraled back at him. At this point I was rolling on the green with laughter – a phoepa, I am sure, with the more serious golfers on the course.

Oh and best of all – those accents!!! These may not have been appreciated in quite the same way by Sid, but coming from this writer, they were fit to melt any gals heart!

Photo by Kevin Fraser

Sid on the other hand was a sucker for the cowgirl teeing off right before our foursome, as were most of the men on the course. This wild woman was an absolute delight! Unfortunately this golfer did not fit the criteria that was given with regards to her foursome. Sid would have, however, and delighted in it, I am sure. Sorry Sid!

Since you couldn’t be there, check out the two videos from the day below. One from the golfer’s themselves and one from the Raincity / Bridging Media cats that were out covering the festival.



PS Click on “The Gals” to see the videos – they follow this post under the category “The Gals”

Digi Delightful Brighten up Banff

Hey my digi darlings out there!

Rolled into Banff in time to make it for cocktails at the opening reception of nextMEDIA. Had heard nextMEDIA was much quieter than the TV Fest so wasn’t expecting much, but I must say that I was delighted to find a room full of vibrant, energetic digiridooroos!

Photo by Phillip Jeffrey

Oh and there were several sexy in van cities there! Was positively excited to stumble into a photo being taken by none other than Mr Facebook – especially since, as I am sure you know, he is always good for a hug and kiss. Never seen Canada’s Coal Girl in finer form as she interviewed the digi delightful on the red carpet. I laughed as I saw the firefly entertaining herself by pinning the delegates chests with “Blog It”, “Flickr It” and “You Tube It” buttons. Never the shy one! Didn’t see Not-So-Static there, but he was obviously about as his mug is all over the festival’s new stream “nextMEDIA Exposed.” And if I dare say so myself, the boy obviously has balls with some of his exposes. I highly recommend having a watch.

Photo by Phillip Jeffrey

Would like to think of myself as a shy shrinking violet, but I gather others don’t as when one of Van Cities wilder women saw me coming she blurted out “Oh no – I just felt my liver do a flip and I was going to be so good this weekend.” Yeah right – but then storytelling has always been a gift of hers!

As for me, I was as innocent as ever. Following a new mantra that I heard from a Banff old boy, “the oxygen is thin, so mix it up – one water for every beer – or you may find that you are no longer a Banff virgin.” Pondered that thought as I called it an early night to enjoy the company of my Banff host and ex-lover.