Fire in the Night

The Firefly was definitely the one to follow as far as Banff Night Life was concerned. I don't know how she did it, but she actually managed to turn the Rundle Lounge into the 'hotspot' of the festival, post Tuesday night's barbecue. It certainly didn't hurt that she had the … [Read more...]

Chill’n Out in the Rockies

The festival night life got off to a much more mellow start this year. Must have been all that time Sid and I spent on the golf course and in the hot springs. It wasn't a bad thing though. I am at a stage now where many of the Banff Regulars have become part of my extended family … [Read more...]

Megan Cole, Reporter to the Stars

At sexyinvancity, we've always had our eyes on the oh so van sexy Miss Megan Cole of Canada Bombshell and Bridging Media, knowing how this girl could move and shake things up. We'll after Monday in Banff, Miss Megan Cole even shocked us with her moves. All in one day this girl … [Read more...]

A British Tee in Banff

The changing of the guards has now taken place and the Banff Television Festival is in full swing. Sid and I launched into the festival in a different way than normal this year. Rather than our typical waltz into the festivals night life, we decided on a much more tranquil … [Read more...]

Digi Delightful Brighten up Banff

Hey my digi darlings out there! Rolled into Banff in time to make it for cocktails at the opening reception of nextMEDIA. Had heard nextMEDIA was much quieter than the TV Fest so wasn't expecting much, but I must say that I was delighted to find a room full of vibrant, … [Read more...]