Hazy Flashbacks to Lobster Blasting at the Yorkton Film Festival

Love that I am missed when I fly undercover for a few days and it would seem that according to the debonair Mr. Gustin, missed I was the last couple of days of the Yorkton Film Festival, as I flew undercover on something salacious and mysterious.  So for those of you that caught my kerplunk on the dance floor at Rayzer’s Pub Friday night (otherwise known as ‘Why Not to Let a Man Doing Shooters Dip You’), I am just fine and was strutting my swagger for the truly awesome fiddler at the Silver Spur Saturday night.


Fiddling Fiend


For the rest of you that are wondering what the above garbledy goop is all about, I was at the 65th Annual Yorkton Film Festival (oldest film festival in North America) the past few days and the Friday tends to be epic, involving the elusive Prairie lobster, locals, booze, bonfires, shotguns and this year, Stephen Maguire. Needless to say I was in my element (and out shot Katrina German AGAIN!).

Still not sure what it is that I am talking about?  Well, maybe these videos from the 2011 Yorkton Film Festival will help …



… or at the very least, hopefully they won’t confuse you further.



Speaking of 2011, where the BEEP are you Scott Leary???  Hardy was there!

More pictures from the epic night to come!

Golden Sheaf Prairie Kisses,

Emme xoxo


PS. In Full Disclosure: As always, the opinions and thoughts shared here are our own and honest ones. We are bought out by no one. In the spirit of disclosure, it should be noted that on this trip, our expenses were paid by the Yorkton Film Festival, where we were speaking.

Roamancing the Road with the Gals! Let the #yff12 Shenanigans Begin!

Having flashbacks to the now legendary #yff11 Road Trip to the Yorkton Film Festival with Katrina German, Dave Schultz and Naidu Photography.  And yes, it is true, Katrina and I were given keys to the City of Yorkton (and no, Erica, my key was not meant for you)!



Counting down the seconds now until Katrina’s and my #yff12 Road Trip to commence.  We’ve ditched the boys this time in favour of roamancing our way with the gals to Yorkton.  We know Erica Hargreave knows what she’s getting herself into and only has herself to blame, but Annelise Larson is another story.  Really though, at this stage of the game, all we can do is wish her luck (and maybe that you all show her a little love on the road @veriatweet).

Feel free to join in the shenanigans by following along with #yff12 and our tweets from @Katrinavision, @veriatweet, @EricaHargreave, @Roamancing and little ol’ moi @EmmeRogers.

Kisses from the land of the Golden Sheaf,

Emme xoxo

PS. In Full Disclosure: As always, the opinions and thoughts shared here are our own and honest ones. We are bought out by no one. In the spirit of disclosure, it should be noted that on this trip, our expenses were paid by the Yorkton Film Festival, where we were speaking.

What I Learnt From Dust Up? Pig Spleen Weather-ology

As many of you are aware, I’m more than a wee bit of a science nerd, so when I heard rumour the men of Dust Up were going to teach us a bit of Climatology in the Grand Final tonight (on History Television at 9 pm ET / PT), well … is VaVaVaVOOM too French for the Canadian Prairies?

hmmm … trying to decide whether or not this makes crop dusters and bull riders sexier or not?  And more than a little concerned that I’m even asking that question.

Crop Dusters and Bull Riders … What’s a Girl to Do? … Certain to Be A Dust Up in Store

Been joking the last couple of week’s about ‘findin’ me a good ol’ crop dusting man’, as I’ve been beating about the Canadian Prairies and as Jay Semko (from the Northern Pikes) just composed the music for a new History Television Series on crop dusters, Dust Up. The reality though? After being invited to the Dust Up Premiere Ho Down, I don’t think it’s a crop duster I have a crush on:


How does one go about starting a conversation with a bull rider? Is it all ‘yeehaws’ and ‘howdy thar partners’? Guessing I shouldn’t be calling him a ‘marm’ or ‘young filly’, but I do wonder how he’d take to being asked if those are Daisy Dukes he’s wearing?

Sadly you won’t catch this Bull Rider on the telly during Season 1 of Dust Up, but you can catch the rest of the cast and some good old Sask fun tonight at 6 & 6:30 pm EST & PST on History Television, online, or during the regular broadcast schedule for the next six weeks.


Emme xoxo

And with the hint of an accent it all flooded back … Vancouver 2010

Funny how history repeats itself.  A year ago, I was somewhat blassay about the Olympics being in this fine city of ours. The Olympic Committee had not been especially warm or welcoming to locals, but a few of the Houses changed all that for me, especially La Maison de la Suiss and Saxony House.  Oh and how did I love the music at the Saskatchewan Pavilion and all the fantastic Arts at Atlantic Canada House! Well, I’ve been feeling a little the same way as the one year celebration got under way this weekend, that is until a heard a German accent yesterday and then I was taken right back, burning red face and all.

You see for me the Olympics weren’t really about the games or sport at all. They were about the people I met, both local and from around the world and in sharing in our traditions from music and celebration to food and beer.  Oh and there were some fine beers – thank you Saxony House, I get teary eyed just thinking about those tankards.  I’m happy to provide you with an address for a care package.

Saxon-Canadian Relations (aka Being a good Canadian Diplomat.)

So we all need goals, especially around games, and that I had, just like any of the athletes.  My goals were two fold.

  1. Enjoy as much food, drink and music from all around the world, as possible.
  2. Encourage International Relations by hosting a little competition of my own against my darling hummingbird604.  How you ask?  Well, our own Olympic Sport of seeing who got more Olympic dates.

Now, this really set a great purpose and tone to the Games as things got off to a roaring start in our Olympic Event.  The Opening Ceremonies alone I had three dates.  Needless to say, despite the odds, I was leaving Raul behind in a white wash.

Olympic Dates 2 & 3 (Yes, they happened at the same time, as did Date 1 - he's taking the pictures. I'm not a girl that wastes time.)

That was until this Saxon fellow got in the way, and turned me head over heels in a hunt for unrequited love.

Stealing a Kiss

Not wanting to lose though, I tossed my heart aside and still managed to get in a kiss or two:

Thats when Raul pulled off the mittens and started playing dirty, deeking me out and landing me a very real Olympic romance and case in International Relations in my lap.  Now, I’m not one to smooch and tell, but lets just say that that German accent yesterday was all I needed to take me right back to Vancouver 2010 and turn my face as red as a beet.

Faced with nostalgia, I think I’ll dig up a bit of our unused footage to share with you in the coming weeks.  Who knows it might even help to me cure of this past year’s weakness for foreign men.