What if we carried our social media behaviors into ‘real’ life?

Can I be your friend?

Would you be my friend? ...  I'm going to follow you.  ... poke poke poke ...   [youtube aDycZH0CA4I]   Never thought about how truly bizarre or creepy our social networking behaviors would be in 'real' life.  Maybe that's why this medium has been so difficult … [Read more...]

Out & About Covering the Arts Across North America

Stacey Robinsmith and I at the Canadian Premiere of Nixon in China at the Vancouver Opera

You may have noticed that despite this site bearing my name, our list of writers writing here is growing, this is partially as I have so many talented friends, like Brie and Rob Jones, who enjoy writing here; partly due to Ahimsa Media's goal of fostering young storytellers, like … [Read more...]

No Plans Tonight? Have You Considered a Date with Lillian Alling?

lilillian alling

I do realize that none of us really know whats become of Lillian Alling, but I'm being dead serious (for once, I know).  You see it's the final night of Lillian Alling at the Vancouver Opera and as was pointed out to me during the intermission on Thursday night, it is a very rare … [Read more...]

A Treat of Operatic Proportions: Lillian Alling

Photo by Tim Matheson

Looks like I am in for a treat tomorrow!!! You see I've been invited to Fan Night at the Vancouver Opera for the World Premiere of Lillian Alling!  Can hardly wait!  As you know, I always relished going backstage at the Opera last season and seeing the magnificent sets and … [Read more...]

A Van Sexy Review: Madama Butterfly – A Sad Farewell

Photographed by Tim Matheson

For those of you that have been following along on my Opera Blogging, I bid a sad farewell to this season of the Vancouver Opera this past Thursday night.  And a very sad farewell it was, as the Opera in question, Puccini's Madama Butterfly, was a real tear jerker. As I've … [Read more...]