Hazy Flashbacks to Lobster Blasting at the Yorkton Film Festival

Love that I am missed when I fly undercover for a few days and it would seem that according to the debonair Mr. Gustin, missed I was the last couple of days of the Yorkton Film Festival, as I flew undercover on something salacious and mysterious.  So for those of you that caught my kerplunk on the dance floor at Rayzer’s Pub Friday night (otherwise known as ‘Why Not to Let a Man Doing Shooters Dip You’), I am just fine and was strutting my swagger for the truly awesome fiddler at the Silver Spur Saturday night.


Fiddling Fiend


For the rest of you that are wondering what the above garbledy goop is all about, I was at the 65th Annual Yorkton Film Festival (oldest film festival in North America) the past few days and the Friday tends to be epic, involving the elusive Prairie lobster, locals, booze, bonfires, shotguns and this year, Stephen Maguire. Needless to say I was in my element (and out shot Katrina German AGAIN!).

Still not sure what it is that I am talking about?  Well, maybe these videos from the 2011 Yorkton Film Festival will help …



… or at the very least, hopefully they won’t confuse you further.



Speaking of 2011, where the BEEP are you Scott Leary???  Hardy was there!

More pictures from the epic night to come!

Golden Sheaf Prairie Kisses,

Emme xoxo


PS. In Full Disclosure: As always, the opinions and thoughts shared here are our own and honest ones. We are bought out by no one. In the spirit of disclosure, it should be noted that on this trip, our expenses were paid by the Yorkton Film Festival, where we were speaking.

Roamancing the Road with the Gals! Let the #yff12 Shenanigans Begin!

Having flashbacks to the now legendary #yff11 Road Trip to the Yorkton Film Festival with Katrina German, Dave Schultz and Naidu Photography.  And yes, it is true, Katrina and I were given keys to the City of Yorkton (and no, Erica, my key was not meant for you)!



Counting down the seconds now until Katrina’s and my #yff12 Road Trip to commence.  We’ve ditched the boys this time in favour of roamancing our way with the gals to Yorkton.  We know Erica Hargreave knows what she’s getting herself into and only has herself to blame, but Annelise Larson is another story.  Really though, at this stage of the game, all we can do is wish her luck (and maybe that you all show her a little love on the road @veriatweet).

Feel free to join in the shenanigans by following along with #yff12 and our tweets from @Katrinavision, @veriatweet, @EricaHargreave, @Roamancing and little ol’ moi @EmmeRogers.

Kisses from the land of the Golden Sheaf,

Emme xoxo

PS. In Full Disclosure: As always, the opinions and thoughts shared here are our own and honest ones. We are bought out by no one. In the spirit of disclosure, it should be noted that on this trip, our expenses were paid by the Yorkton Film Festival, where we were speaking.

Eat St. ~ A Food Network Canada Plot Against My Waistline or Gift to Make Me More Voluptuous?

Not sure what I did to the folks at Paperny Films, but clearly someone there has a beef to pick with me (or maybe a pulled pork sandwich) or why else would they go and expose me to their new Eat St. Series on a movie screen?  HELLO cravings!

Not sure whether to blame them or Invoke and the SIM Centre for helping them to get North America’s street food carts on an iphone app.  Hmm … maybe they all have it in for me?  Is my girlish figure really that threatening?  Are they really that determined to see my waistline expand?

I may consider forgiving them, if someone would just get Erica off the phone. She’s trying to convince the City of Vancouver to park the new Grilled Cheese Cart out front of our office. Even with my exercise routine that cannot mean good things.  At least make me walk to and from the Grilled Cheese Cart.

Just so I’m not alone in my soon-to-be more voluptuous body, you can catch the premiere of Eat St. tonight on the Food Network Canada at 9:30 pm EST and 10:30 pm PST.


Emme xoxo

“My Love Shines” ~ Ron Sexsmith

It’s amazing how a good story and really fantastic music can carry you out of yourself!  And thank goodness!  I started out my evening with a head that felt ready to explode, an erupting nose (yep, I’m talking snot), and a burning throat. All that vanished as I stuck a sneak peek of Felt Film and Paperny Films’ Documentary on Ron Sexsmith, Love Shines.  Wow!  Why hadn’t I found this amazing Canadian talent sooner.  As my music expert and very dear friend, Rob Jones says, “He’s not made a bad record after a twenty-year recording career. Not too many artists like that.”

Just wished I’d caught the film on the big screen.  If you happen to be in Whitehorse this Friday you can, as Director Douglas Arrowsmith will be there airing of the Film at the Available Light Film Festival at 7:45 pm.  It is also going to be a part of 24 Beats per Second at South by South West in March, but I have no idea of that schedule yet.  Have heard a rumour though that Ron will be there.

Okay off to bed as my head is back to feeling explosive.

Nightie night,

Emme xoxo

Public Service Announcement: #yff11 Early Bird Special

If you have yet to go to the Yorkton Film Festival then I am afraid to say there are no two ways about it, you are missing out.  Between the wackiness of the festival itself and the nutty, but absolutely lovable characters it attracts this is my top pick for film festivals in this country (now – don’t you go getting your panties in a knot, I likely haven’t made it to your film festival yet, and if I have, I apologize, but yff is just so damn special to me).

Where else can you share a toilet with Jarrett Rusnak and Katrina Ham in the middle of a gun range?

So why this Public Service Announcement?  Well, I just wanted to draw it to your attention that submissions are open for the #yff11 Golden Sheaf Awards (until January 31st, 2011) and if you are smart (or at least organized) and get your entry in by December 15th, 2010, then you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special.

So whose eligible?  Canadian Produced video content under 60-minutes in length or International Co-Productions with a Canadian Director, that’s been completed between February 1, 2010 and January 31, 2011.  And yes, this does include web series and other video produced for the web.

Charlotte Engle flaunting a few Golden Sheafs from #yff10. (Photo by Liz Kearsley)

You can read more here and fill out the online entry form here.


Emme xoxo