Hazy Flashbacks to Lobster Blasting at the Yorkton Film Festival

Fiddling Fiend

Love that I am missed when I fly undercover for a few days and it would seem that according to the debonair Mr. Gustin, missed I was the last couple of days of the Yorkton Film Festival, as I flew undercover on something salacious and mysterious.  So for those of you that caught … [Read more...]

Roamancing the Road with the Gals! Let the #yff12 Shenanigans Begin!


Having flashbacks to the now legendary #yff11 Road Trip to the Yorkton Film Festival with Katrina German, Dave Schultz and Naidu Photography.  And yes, it is true, Katrina and I were given keys to the City of Yorkton (and no, Erica, my key was not meant for … [Read more...]

Eat St. ~ A Food Network Canada Plot Against My Waistline or Gift to Make Me More Voluptuous?

Eat St. Screening

Not sure what I did to the folks at Paperny Films, but clearly someone there has a beef to pick with me (or maybe a pulled pork sandwich) or why else would they go and expose me to their new Eat St. Series on a movie screen?  HELLO cravings! [youtube WiZGLXE5DTA] Not sure … [Read more...]

“My Love Shines” ~ Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith

It's amazing how a good story and really fantastic music can carry you out of yourself!  And thank goodness!  I started out my evening with a head that felt ready to explode, an erupting nose (yep, I'm talking snot), and a burning throat. All that vanished as I stuck a sneak peek … [Read more...]

Public Service Announcement: #yff11 Early Bird Special

Charlotte Engel finds a new way to display her Golden Sheaf awards.

If you have yet to go to the Yorkton Film Festival then I am afraid to say there are no two ways about it, you are missing out.  Between the wackiness of the festival itself and the nutty, but absolutely lovable characters it attracts this is my top pick for film festivals in … [Read more...]