2014 CBCmusic.ca Festival Tease: Crystal Shawanda, Hannah Georgas, and Arkells

Dancing to Shaun Verreault at the 2013 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival.

Funny how so often when you are down in the dumps and needing that reminder that things are okay ... that you are okay ... you happen upon that song that ever so simply reminds you of just that! As I went to discover more music from the 2014 CBCmusic.ca Festival lineup, that is … [Read more...]

Wittenberg at the Pacific Theatre in Vancouver

Anthony F. Ingram, Mack Gordon, and Marcus Youssef in Wittenberg. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Wittenberg, Pacific Theatre's latest offering, was a surprisingly educational (and entertaining) way to spend Halloween. David Davolos`s play takes us somewhere where Hamlet, Dr. Faustus, Martin Luther roam the same halls, pondering life`s questions, drinking away sorrows, and … [Read more...]

Corridors: A Podplay at Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre

Installation by Alex MetCalf (click to read more). Photo by abrinsky (http://www.flickr.com/people/abrinsky/).

Having once been a newcomer to the city and slow to make friends, I have often mulled over our 'eternal-iPod' culture, and thought about how isolating it can be for those of us who call the city home. During many solitary walks and bus rides, I contemplated how strange it is to … [Read more...]

Fighting Chance Produces: The Tempermentals at PAL Theatre


I like it when plays teach me about history that I've never learned before. Especially when they show us the people behind the stunning historical figures. Fighting Chance Productions' newest offering, The Tempermentals does just that: John Marans' play dramatizes the personal … [Read more...]

Vancouver Theatre: The 13th Chair at Studio 58

Stephanie Moroz as Helen O'Neill in Studio 58's production of Veiller's The Thirteenth Chair.

Who doesn't love the jazz age? The Thirteenth Chair at Studio 58 is an unusual murder mystery set in a New York speakeasy in 1929. The Studio's production of Bayard Veiller's play draws heavily on theatrical and cinematic styles of the era, making the play feel like an evening's … [Read more...]