A Thing or Two Two-Leggers Can Learn From Egyptian History

I am Cat. Hear me roar!

Can't believe I need to explain this to you all, but then again, two-leggers have never been known for their intelligence.     If you can't listen to me, the superior being, then take a page out of the book of one of the World's most meowed about museums, … [Read more...]

Photogenic Feline Friday: Timeless Beauty

Be a good two-legger and cower beneath my beauty!

Merrow!  I have spoken so you shall listen.  Yes, I do mean you, silly two-legger. Since the theme for today's #FriFotos is time, I thought I'd take a moment to remind the two-leggers out there of their minute existence next to us felines, and of course of our timeless … [Read more...]

Photogenic Feline Friday: Spring Fever

Wetting the Appetite

Nothing quite says Spring Fever, like a suckling youngster and lactating nipples.     Clearly spring came early in Egypt. Meorrow!  Would somebody bring me a bowl of milk already! ~ FFR … [Read more...]

Photogenic Feline Friday: Queen of the Wilds

There will only ever be one Queen of the Wilds. I am feline.  Hear me ROAR!

  Meorrrow!  What would a Wild Themed #FriFotos be without a photographic reminder of who the true Queen of the Wilds is, straight from Egypt, the land where time began.  If we can be this relaxed in the face of crashing waves and whizzing motorbikes on the Seawall of … [Read more...]

Photogenic Feline Friday: Egyptian Deities

Focus Erica, Focus!

Meowrrr ... after a most enjoyable cat nap, I'm back! Somebody needs to be managing the two-leggers around here afterall. What inspired my return? Roamancing's recent adventures in Egypt. Erica follows instructions much better than Emme, and being as she was in a land that … [Read more...]