Griswald Family Vacations with Teddy: Renewing My Appreciation for Sarah Silverman and Masturbation

Blackened Pork Chops Saskatchewan-style

  Some of you that were following along on twitter, G+ or facebook last night might have been wondering, "What the FU#%$^@#$@#!???"  Well, you see I was and I am enjoying a long overdue Griswald Family Vacation with Teddy in Saskatchewan, and as is generally the case when … [Read more...]

Randy Goulden: The Mother of All Rider’s Fans

How can little green men be anything, but infectious!?!

Celebrating the Grey Cup Half time by using my blog to shamelessly brag about one of my friends, Randy Goulden. Was never really a football fan growing up.  Didn't really get the men in tights, slapping each others asses. That's been changed, at least as far as the … [Read more...]

Griswold Family Vacations with Teddy

Meet Teddy - one of my grandest friends in the world!  He's the most lovable, huggable Canadian Toon Town bear that there ever was.  He and his cat, Beams, are two of Fuzzywiggle Furrypants and my best friends.  Fuzzy's and I generally make a point of stopping in for a Toon Town … [Read more...]

A Love Letter from Teddy

I've been holding out on you cats. I don't know if you remember my request for love letters?  Well, I wasn't so sad as to not receive any. I've just been holding out on you and waiting for that night that I felt that I could use a little pick me up to my ego - cause we all have … [Read more...]