And with the hint of an accent it all flooded back … Vancouver 2010

Funny how history repeats itself.  A year ago, I was somewhat blassay about the Olympics being in this fine city of ours. The Olympic Committee had not been especially warm or welcoming to locals, but a few of the Houses changed all that for me, especially La Maison de la Suiss and Saxony House.  Oh and how did I love the music at the Saskatchewan Pavilion and all the fantastic Arts at Atlantic Canada House! Well, I’ve been feeling a little the same way as the one year celebration got under way this weekend, that is until a heard a German accent yesterday and then I was taken right back, burning red face and all.

You see for me the Olympics weren’t really about the games or sport at all. They were about the people I met, both local and from around the world and in sharing in our traditions from music and celebration to food and beer.  Oh and there were some fine beers – thank you Saxony House, I get teary eyed just thinking about those tankards.  I’m happy to provide you with an address for a care package.

Saxon-Canadian Relations (aka Being a good Canadian Diplomat.)

So we all need goals, especially around games, and that I had, just like any of the athletes.  My goals were two fold.

  1. Enjoy as much food, drink and music from all around the world, as possible.
  2. Encourage International Relations by hosting a little competition of my own against my darling hummingbird604.  How you ask?  Well, our own Olympic Sport of seeing who got more Olympic dates.

Now, this really set a great purpose and tone to the Games as things got off to a roaring start in our Olympic Event.  The Opening Ceremonies alone I had three dates.  Needless to say, despite the odds, I was leaving Raul behind in a white wash.

Olympic Dates 2 & 3 (Yes, they happened at the same time, as did Date 1 - he's taking the pictures. I'm not a girl that wastes time.)

That was until this Saxon fellow got in the way, and turned me head over heels in a hunt for unrequited love.

Stealing a Kiss

Not wanting to lose though, I tossed my heart aside and still managed to get in a kiss or two:

Thats when Raul pulled off the mittens and started playing dirty, deeking me out and landing me a very real Olympic romance and case in International Relations in my lap.  Now, I’m not one to smooch and tell, but lets just say that that German accent yesterday was all I needed to take me right back to Vancouver 2010 and turn my face as red as a beet.

Faced with nostalgia, I think I’ll dig up a bit of our unused footage to share with you in the coming weeks.  Who knows it might even help to me cure of this past year’s weakness for foreign men.

Lost Love

I first saw him on the Eve before the Games. We exchanged a brief, but ever so sweet kiss and my heart, that I worried had turned to ice, melted in that instant.

Stealing a Kiss

Being me – he is, of course, a complex fellow, and not all that easy to get close to.  You see, he is somewhat of an International Celebrity. We stole a brief moment when no one was looking, but would I ever see him again?  Would we be able to share another tender touch?

As luck would have it, he was needed to entertain the crowds last Saturday and his handlers were preoccupied, so he reached for the only familiar face on these foreign soils – me!!!  I got to be on his arm all evening, to dance with him, to poise for photos with him and proudly introduce him (my future lover) to the world.

Me and My Fella

Celebrity or not, the time had come to seek out something a little more intimate, perhaps even a date!!!!  Not wanting to offend and to respect International relations, I decided it was best to formerly request an audience with this delightful fellow in a more formal hand written letter to his handlers, of course. And then I waited and I waited….

Had I misjudged our connection?  Were our cultures and customs just so different that I was so off on the typical signs of the mating dance?  I simply had to know, so I mustered up the courage to go and see him one last time last night at Saxony House.

I was met by my worst fears.  No, not that of unrequited love, but that of concern for the safety of this most gentle fellow. Saxel had been kidnapped.

My head is reeling in despair and disgust.  This gorgeous beast was handcrafted with love for the Canadian people, he had agreed to leave his most beloved woods of Saxony to grace us with his presence here in Vancouver, and he had even agreed to stay, to be auctioned off at the end of the Olympics to raise money for a children’s charity.  And how are these extensions of International friendship received?  Someone kidnapped this beautiful, trusting Saxon soul, right from under the noises of his handlers.  I ask, where were the police and motor security brigades, when this International travesty struck?  What are they doing now to find this missing International ambassador?

I urge, you the people, Canadians and Internationals-alike, to help find my fellow, Saxel, and return him to his rightful home.  Show him how good and kind we are as Canadians.  How we would protect his hairy ass, in an attempt to see him free once more.

Have you seen my fella?

Saxel was last seen on Wednesday night at the Irish House. Any tips you can provide on his current whereabouts or leading to his safe return would be most appreciated.  You can drop tips here or to my email at

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


One Hell of a Great Party at Saxony House

Apologies about my singing in this vid from last night, but I couldn’t help myself.  I was having such a great time!

Here’s the usual schedule at Saxony House:

  • 12 – 6 pm    Saxon Food & the Olympics on the Tele
  • 6 pm – 11 pm   Saxon Grub (kitchen closes at 10 pm), Live Folk & Rock Band & Saxon Films
  • 11 pm – 2 am Saxon DJ Club Dance Party

Fun at the Saxony House

Hidden in the bushes of Stanley Park, overlooking the city at the beautiful Vancouver Rowing club, lies the Saxony House, a house that really offers it all. We got in at 6:30 and I had one of the best sausages I have ever had. They sell the idea of true German food by saying: “have some German mustard kid” every time you get a hot dog (‘hot dog’!!!! Ack!!!! It’s a German Sausage Mario!! Don’t let the Saxon’s hear you calling it a hot dog. Darn American schools – emme), and at that moment you feel like you’re following an order more than a suggestion because of the thick accent, but you don’t care, because the mustard is really fantastic. Now I’m not a food critic because all of my reviews would be something in the range of: “this food was delicious” to “this food was good”, I am writing here to talk about the fun you will have if you go to the Saxony House.

Saxony House-1

Saxony House during the day by Ariene Colenbrander

At the start of the night you have folk music and everyone is having the time of their lives as they drink the really good (but no so cheap) beer. People dance and root for any German or Canadian participating in the events on screen (I think the German only root for the Canadians because they feel guilty for being more fun than them, and the Canadians for drinking their delicious beer) and when the events are over (which happens around 7:30) a really fun folk dance group sings traditional Saxony music and even songs they made up for the Olympics. As people get drunker the fun only increments and by 1030, the real fun begins.

The Saxony house has brought a DJ that is really good, he mixes songs like no ones business, and the transitions from one song to the other are almost perfect. I say “real fun” because here the atmosphere is a much younger one (after 10 I am thinking the average age lowered to around 28) and everyone is having young fun dancing to techno beats and Kid Cudi. I recommend everyone to get there, although get there early and bring a lot of money as you will be drinking a lot, but after 8 the line is just insane. It is actually a lot of fun, and you can actually learn about Saxony while being there, everyone is so nice as well. Did you guys know that Audi was invented in Saxony? I didn’t.

By the way guys, for Valentine’s day I’m going here: The Chinese Benevolent Association as it is also Chinese new years! I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow, but in this sunny day, I recommend it! Later on today I’ll also be watching either the German movie about WW1 “The white ribbon” or the chick flick “Valentine’s day”. I would rather see the WW1 movie to tell you the truth, but the other is about love and stuff. And what guy can say no to a movie with Jessica Alba?

Dolling Up to Kick Off the Party at Saxony

Really looking forward to the Official Opening of Saxony House Tonight and absolutely loving the song that they’ve created for Vancouver 2010:

With the Saxony folk and rock band, De Erbschleicher, Saxon Films, and a Saxon DJ and a Saxon Chef, I think this House is going to be a fantastic cultural experience!

More tomorrow ….