Mystery of Blue Caped Man

I just hate waking up in the middle of my sweet dreams. Why do people need to be so cruel to text or call someone in the morning?

The other day I was again woken up by a text message from a friend at 4 am in the morning! I was going to just hang up on her. However, remembering she was living in Hamilton, Ontario at the time, I just did not want to be a meanie. I glanced at her text which just completely brought all my wandering soul back into my body. She told me that she saw a flying blue caped man just outside her house. Originally she thought that someone was going to break into her house as she heard a lot of noises from her frontyard. She quickly grabbed her hockey stick as a weapon and looked through the window and saw the blue caped man flash across the window. Although I am a big fan of superheroes, I am not inclined to believe that anyone in the world actually has the ability to fly.

Very soon, she just climbed back into her bed to sleep, as the man who could have been a thief had left. I, too, was satisfied with this decision, even though I kept on thinking about this superhero. When I woke up later in the day, I got an email from her, which revealed the mystery of this blue caped man:

Sorry for waking you up so early in the morning.

Apparently, the man is not a superhero. His name is Blue Box Man. He is just a crazy person, wearing a blue cape that checks out what kind of stuff goes into our bins. He was not flying around in the yard; he just got excited by my mum’s work of dividing all our stuff and putting them into the right bin, so he sprinted off to grab us a golden box, as a reward. You know what, when she got the golden box, she grinned like the Joker. Okay, that was a bit yuck! She grinned like she was wearing a gold Olympic medal. Insane, eh? Now my mum is trying to keep up with her good work; it almost seems like she is back to kindergarten again, making an effort to get a prize from her teacher.

Blue Box Man, Hamilton's Superhero of Green Good


That was a little excerpt of her email. I was quite interested in the appearance of this golden box and what was going on, so I went to dig out a bit of information on google. Ha! I then found out the truth. The blue caped man was rewarding the residents in Hamilton with a golden box for properly sorting the stuff into their bins. For example, food scraps should be placed into the green bins, paper and cardboard should be in one of the blue boxes, and bottles, cans and jars should be in another.

An unsuspecting Hamilton resident receives a visit from Blue Box Man.


The blue caped man was indeed a hero, even if my friend did not say so, because he was trying to encourage people to recycle and to make this world more sustainable for us to live in. Isn’t that every superheroes goal; to protect people from harm?! I really like how this hero stirred up this green recycling wave in the city, so now people who have a golden box will be proud of what they have done and act as a role model, encouraging others to do the same. Maybe it is time for Vancouver to do something similar? Now let’s have a green hero in the city to create an environmental friendly vibe and make everyone get excited by the idea of recycling.

My Non-Human Family Member

Having a pet, especially a dog, in your life is very satisfying.

I have a Cocker Spaniel. I can assure you that she is one of the cutest dog in the world with her fluffy brown fur coat and long ears. She just looks like a bear. I guess that is why whenever I walk her, she attracts loads of attention.

This is my baby doggy!

My dog is called Dau Dau (it means peas in Cantonese). I have no idea why we gave her this name, as she is definitely not small as a pea. I’ll have to ask my mum about the origin of her name, as Dau was actually her birthday gift from my dad.

Dau has lots of nicknames due to her behaviour. She is sometimes called ju (pig in Cantonese) and sometimes called b (a short form of baby in Cantonese). From her nicknames, you can probably guess that she is a rather lazy dog. She eats then sleeps then eats. These two activities continue throughout the day until we walk her or play with her. Yes, her routine is just like a pig, except for the fact that there is no way Dau will be anybody’s supper. Also, she is an attention seeking freak. She just demands your attention like 24/7. She uses her fluffy little paw to scratch you when she wants a pat. She barks when she wants to eat; similar to a baby demanding to be fed. Because of her at times naughtiness, we had to buy the baby locker thing to prevent her from entering a certain room, so she would not have the chance to create a mess (such as biting stuff).

I am not sure whether I should say having Dau in my family is lucky for her or us. Of course, I would say it is my pleasure to have her in my family more than the other way around. She is just a little baby in our family, creating loads of excitement and laughter.

Since my mum trained Dau, she can do quite a lot of tricks. For example, if we ask Dau what is her name, she barks to answer. She knows that she needs to pretend to die when we yell bang. However, she will not do these tricks without a reward (after all she is pretty smart). We are so proud of her, because of all these tricks she is able to do. Whenever our friends come over, we show her off, and everyone ends up laughing and clapping.

Look at my muscular arms! Do not try to come close!!

It is rather frustrating that she does not know how to play catch or frisbee. I have tried to teach her to give me back the ball after she grabs the thrown ball. Time after time, she just wants to bite onto it and not give it back. My boyfriend has a theory about this – Dau is very possessive.

I love her the most at night, because she becomes a little soft doll who does not want to move around due to her sleepiness. Meaning I can hug her all night long. Well, actually most of the time she ends up nowhere near my arms by morning. Nevertheless, I do like her to be my sleeping buddy. I always have a feeling that whenever I close my eyes, there is someone or something peeking over my shoulder to look at me sleeping (I do know that I do have a pretty face, but it is just very creepy to have someone look at you sleeping). Although I do know that it is very unrealistic, I just feel secure with Dau being around me at night.

Dau is a very understanding and emotional dog; just like a human. There have been a few times that she seemed to know I was upset, and she would just sit beside me and snuggle her head against my arm. There was this one time she just came over to lick my face while I was crying. Because of her, I felt better instantly. Now she has become one of my close buddies as she will listen to what I have to say even though most of the time she falls asleep in the middle of our conversation. She also understands jealousy. When my mum and I hug each other, she will growl at us to make us include her as well. If not, she barks at us angrily. We find that super funny.

Where are you leading me to? But I trust you since you are my friend.

I think I have found one of my life-time friends in a pet shop, and I am really grateful for her. I cannot imagine my life without her, because she has already silently stolen a special place in my heart (Argh…Dau-the-possessor, give me back one of the pieces of my heart). It is nice to have a loyal friend like Dau! Do you have any pet stories to share? :)

I Heart Disney!

If you’re like me and do not want to go to the now-packed Vancouver beaches, summer and early fall is a really good time to catch up on all the movies or TV shows that you’ve missed during the year.

Lately I watched one of Disney’s newer movies, “Tangled”. It’s based on the fairy tale Rapunzel, but with a few added twists. I must say I was very surprised by how hooked I was after just a few minutes of watching it. Even though I knew how it would end, I still wanted to figure out how Rapunzel would get away from the evil old lady who claimed to be her mother.  (Watch it if you have not yet already done so. Trust me, you will like it a lot).

One of my favourite Disney movies, Tangled. Photo courtesy of Josh Hallet

I always enjoy movies that have a moral behind their story. Yes, Tangled‘s target audience is probably kids; however, Disney seems to have the power to attract people from every age group. I guess it is probably due to the alluring effect of fantasy. I am not ashamed to admit that I want to live in a utopian world with everything being perfect. I would fight for the dream of the world where everyone is treated with respect, where goodness triumphs, and most importantly, where everyone gets a happily ever after — or at least, I would get in line to see a world like that on the big screen ;) Of course, real life is…well…leaves something to be desired, which is probably why fantasies and fairy tales are as popular as they are.  That’s why I was shocked after watching Tangled to read a post about how Disney has stated that Tangled will be its last fairy tale movie for a while.

Take a minute to absorb that. Disney, is taking an indefinite hiatus from making fairy tale movies.

If you’re like me, titles like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty were in and out of your VCR throughout your childhood. Why would Disney choose to break their 73-year tradition now? Could it be that girls no longer hope to be princesses or have a lovely marriage? Although it seems to be the trend that girls just want to look like Hollywood stars and measure their attractiveness accordingly, it does not mean that the values that we are promoting in the society are right. Also, it does not mean that no girl wants to be treated like a princess, or to find true love and live happily forever.

Love in Disney. Photo by Matthew Thorn.

I love the fact that the princesses in the movies will end up finding their loved one after going through a series of difficult times. Call me naïve, but I believe that somewhere out there, there is the right guy or girl for everyone. My prince probably will not come to rescue me on his white horse (or car, perhaps), but I think that no matter what, he will fight off and slay the dragon in order to win my heart. I don’t mean that he’ll gallop across a burning bridge to do it, but he won’t hesitate to put effort into being with me — and thereby proof his love. I know many of you will probably get jealous, but that is what my boyfriend has done. He has driven two hours back and forth from Seattle to Vancouver every two weeks just to spend the weekend with me. Although this is nothing compared to some long distance relationships, it does make me feel like I am his princess who he values very much.

Anyway, my point is that I am very sad to hear this “no more fairy tales” announcement. It just breaks my heart to know that Disney, my childhood companion, will just abandon the fairy tales that made me an imaginative girl, thanks to the magic they’ve brought to so many kids.

Magical moment at Disney. photo by Knowsphotos

Disney movies give us hope to know that if we try to achieve our dreams, one day we can, like Rapunzel, get out of that tall tower and have some the fulfillment we crave. Dear Disney, please don’t stop making fairy tales. We need your magic to make this world a better place with the spellbinding effects you have on our generations.

The Dreaded Dentist

As I walked towards the counter, looking at the hundreds of colorful files behind it, I felt a knot tighten in my stomach. I watched my sister disappear behind the frosted glass doors, which may as well have been a thick black curtain, as I couldn’t see the other side of it at all. I thought this may have been in consideration to people like me, anxiously waiting in the room designated for that purpose. Who would want to witness the going-on on the other side anyway?

I sat down, waiting patiently for my sister to come back out from that hole to hell. The strong smell of this entire place hit me. It was quite a familiar yet frightening smell – the smell of a dental clinic. Kind of like the mixture of plastic and lysol; overall, not very pleasant. Then, I saw a man in a light green uniform emerge and walk back and forth from the room to the counter. As soon as I saw his face, several memories, good and bad, flashed across my mind.

In a love and hate relationship with dentists. Photo by Marquette University

Soon it was my turn to go into the bloody chamber, which I had unfortunately seen many times before. After I submit to having my teeth cleaned, they put two pieces of spongy materials along my teeth and asked me to have an x-ray scan. That sounds like fun, eh? But let me tell you this: having something wrapped around your gums and teeth is not entirely enjoyable. I was just glad when it was over! However, here came the bad news: “Kelly, I think you may need to get rid of your wisdom teeth. They look like they are growing at a problematic slant.”

They waited for a reply, but I was speechless. Wouldn’t you be, when they made it sound like pulling teeth was like a walk in the park? So they asked for my mum and told her about the situation. She agreed to have them pulled out – of course she would, they weren’t her teeth — and so I was due to be back in the clinic after a few days.

As you may have gathered, I have never liked going to the dental clinic. The images of tools and the high-pitched drilling sounds creep me out. Whenever I go to one, my whole body becomes a robot. Every muscle tightens up, and I just cannot relax even though I am lying down. This time was no different.

Looking up – the only direction I can look in the dentist’s chair, come to think of it — I could see this huge, powerful round light above me; just like a big hot sun. Before I put on a pair of dark glasses to block out the intense light, I caught a glimpse of all the dreaded tools laid out on silver tray: a little knife, a little drill like tool, a clip, and some needles.

I forced myself to close my eyes and to stop thinking about those ominous implements. From previous experience, I knew that the dental tool which shaped kind’ve like a spoon could reflect what was going on in your mouth. If I opened my eyes even for a moment, I might see them drilling a hole and blood splashing everywhere. Even so, there were times I just wanted to take a peek (maybe the same perverse desire I sometimes have to peek during a horror movie…) Very soon, I could feel the dentist’s plastic gloves on my lips. Then, a stink of painless numbness spread through my oral cavity. I could feel my lower lip just slide uncontrollably to my chin. (That could be a rather funny image, I wished someone would just snap a picture of that. Oh well, too late now.)

Scary Sharp Tools, My Enemies. Photo by Toshiyuki IMAI

In my altered, anesthetized state, I could hear the dentist picking up instruments from the tray, spraying something, that I’m grateful I could not taste, into my mouth. In came the suction tube — the sound was definitely the most unbearable part of the process. I felt like the dentist imagined my gums and teeth to be their construction site. His job was to drill and hammer, making an electrical buzzing noise.

After a while of telling myself to relax, relax, relax, I finally started to – just in time for the dentist to start pull out my teeth. I could feel him using his muscles to pry them out. I was surprised to find that it didn’t hurt; I just felt like someone was dragging my tooth out; similarly to how I drag my dog away from sniffing at other dogs’ behinds at the beach.

When the show was over, the dentist showed me my huge wisdom tooth. He was surprised how gigantic it was too. I almost asked him whether I could keep it, but he told me that what I was looking at was one part of my ex-wisdom tooth, as he was not able to pull the whole thing out at once and broke it into two pieces. Next time he promised he would try to pull a completed one out, so that I could keep it.

Huge, Gigantic, Enormous teeth! Photo by Ian Glover

Yes, despite his deadly instruments, and only in retrospect, my dentist is a pretty nice guy. I murmured something to the effect on my way home. My mum responded by telling me that he is pretty cute too. I guess no matter how old you are or whether you are married or single, you will still check out guys. I wanted to laugh out loud as I heard what my mum said, but the anaesthetic effects were not over yet. I trust my laughing muscles will be back in action soon enough, though.

Long or Short?

Without looking at the calendar, I would not have known July is just around the corner. The weather is just not cooperating with the season. Why is it still so gloomy? I want to get a suntan and show off my body in a bikini. It is safe to assume I will not get this opportunity soon with the sun playing hide-and-seek every alternate day.

Retro-Style Salon ~ photo by Leveret

However, there is still one thing I can do before heading down to the beach – I need to get a haircut. In my opinion, a new hairstyle can make one look completely different. I remember last summer I had this long, thick hair which took hours to dry off. Compelled by both my hairdresser’s urges and my eagerness for a big change, I decided to break up with my long hair. Surprisingly enough, I quickly fell in love with the new comer although one of my guy friends said that he liked girls with long hair more than short. Oh shoot, he just hurt my feelings. It wasn’t because I had feelings for him, but the fact that he told me so directly without even thinking about my feelings. Who would say things like that? Geez. Guys are sometimes really stupid. After that, I asked more friends about my new haircut and found out that the majority thought it suit me relatively well. I really appreciated those compliments.

My short hair in Summer 2010 ~ Photo by Melissa Lui

Anyway, now I am at the point where I am not sure whether I should keep my hair long or short. It is always quite a struggle for me to decide, because I am afraid of the result. This is probably why so many people have nightmares about getting a bad haircut! Plus, my hair just grows very quickly. Very soon, it will become like a sponge again (very thick). I’m pretty lazy. I do not want to give up my beauty sleep, so I just take a shower at night and wake up with a pretty messed-up bundle of hair. And yet, after only a few combs — that’s all the ‘styling’ I’m prepared to do — I’m good to go. Therefore, I usually look for hairstyles that do not require much work such as gelling or blow-drying.

"Which is the most trendy hair style?" ~ Photo by Reggaedori

After looking through magazines, I have come to the conclusion that regardless of long or short, there are popular looks for every ‘do. With so many different hair styles out there, the most important point of searching is to find the one that you like and willing to give a shot. Ladies, we gotta be more confident in our decisions. It’s our life after all, not someone else’s. If someone — tactless guys included — does not like your hair style,  it’s not the end of the world, because there is surely someone else that does; similarly to dating!