Hipster Eating Dinosaurs and Caitlin Burns, What More Could A Gal Want

Admit it!  Like me, the idea of velociraptors eating hipsters secretly (or not so secretly) brings a smile to you face.  It’s alright, your in good company, or at least my company.

It is for this reason that I am calling my work day quits in a few minutes to see what sort of wickedness that smart and sassy New York chick, Caitlin Burns, is up to.  That and secretly I’m hoping to see an actual hipster devoured.

Here is the super secret livestream of I’m not sure what (so don’t blame me for whatever shows up here), but it should be live around 4:15 pm PST: http://www.livestream.com/transmedianewyorkcity

Oh and apparently for added titillation (yes, in my mind hipster devouring is titillating), follow along with this hashtag on twitter: #transmedianyc And yes, that does mean you should take a moment to open a twitter window in the corner of your screen.

Once again, blame Caitlin Burns for all that is about to unravel.

Santa, Panties and Plenty of Kisses … What More Could a Gal Want!?! #LPV10

I always love Launch Party for connecting with old friends and checking out new start-ups and last night’s was no different.  Just very upset that Santa was hiding on me.  I wanted to see if he still wanted to buy me a house.  Something or other about Raul and Erica sitting on his lap at the same time sent the poor man into hiding, however. And really can you blame him?  There’s only so much goodness that one man can give and those two are so bloody demanding (perhaps this is one of the reasons I begrudgingly love them both).

One Visibly Distressed Santa Sandwiched by Erica and Raul at #LPV10

So last night’s highlight for me???

Well, duh!!!!  Panty by Post! I’ve only been dying to meet the sexy gals behind it for months, not to mention, finally getting the opportunity to caress their luxurious European panties.

Which brings me back to Santa. I know the Holidays are about the giving.  But if you so happen to want to give me a present this year, Panty by Post would give both you and I something, that is if I were to happen to post a pic or two of me modeling my monthly panties. Just saying, you know, in case any of you are wracking your brain as to what to give me aside from hugs and kisses.  You know I’d hate to think I was causing any of you stress in life.

Now this brings me to a conversation and debate a ‘girlfriend’ and I were having last night after fondling the wonderfully soft men’s briefs they had out for the snuggling. How soon can one mail a man panties?  Is it ever too soon in a relationship to do such a thing?  I mean my ‘girlfriend’ wouldn’t want to scare him off or come across as a tart.  Also gents, how personal are a man’s panties to them?  Would you wear panties a gal sent you?  Would you wear these? And then there’s the question of sizing …

Food for thought.  And please do share those thoughts!


Emme xoxo

PS Thanks to Maura, Danny, Dimitri (and Sonia) for another great Launch Party!

PPS LATE BREAKING NEWS … this just in ….. Panty by Post is offering all my readers 20% off on theor pre-Christmas (2010) orders. Just enter holidaydeal20 into the coupon code section after you select your package! Wahooo!

Win Tickets to Launch Party 10 (aka Van City’s Digital Coming Out Party)

I’m a busy gal and I can’t make it out to everything or write about everything, although I’d love to, but there is one event I always do my darnedest to get to and that is Vancouver’s Launch Party.  LPV was started up by the sexy cats at Strutta and carried on under Maura Rodgers and Danny Robinson’s new endeavor, the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society. The next of which is on Wednesday December 1st at 6 pm at Canvas Lounge.

A few of LPV2's Sexy Cats as taken by Phillip Jeffrey

I cheekily call Launch Party ‘Van City’s Digital Coming Out Party’, because for me it was just that.  Way back at the first ever Launch Party, which involved more than a few beverages, dancing the night away, some sexy new technologies, and even sexier tech geeks (one of whom shall remain unnamed offered to buy me a house at LPV1 – I told him I could buy my own house), I had my own coming out tech style. Yep, even though I was not one of the technologies on exhibition, that party was my launch into the digital sphere and many of the sexy geeks in the room that night helped to launch me to where I am today.  How?  Well, you’ll have to bribe them with alcohol and see if they’ll tell you. So what’s Launch Party to me?  It’s my Homecoming, where I go to celebrate all those sexy techies who helped make me who I am, and a place to check out and help launch the latest in sexy technologies, many of which end up aiding me in my storytelling.

Shenanigans at LPV2 as taken by Mike Macadaan

What’s Launch Party to others?

A lively mixer for the city’s brightest entrepreneurs, tech junkies, and bloggers, who are doing it, have done it or want to make their ideas happen here. The goal of the event is to connect BC’s growing community of Internet and new media leaders with investors and other trailblazers across Canada and abroad.

A few locals will tell you right here what Launch Party is to them, through their favourite Launch Party moments:

Now, thanks to Launch Party, I have a pair of tickets to give away to LPV10 this coming Wednesday.  All you have to do is drop me a line in the comments and tell me why you want to attend LPV10 – whether it’s to check out the latest technologies, flirt with geeks or mix and mingle with some cool cats, I don’t care, as long as you have a reason.  Then at 9 pm on Saturday November 27th, I will stick the names of all of the commenters in a hat and draw the name of one lucky winner of the pair of tickets..

Look forward to seeing you at LPV10!


Emme xoxo

Green Martians, Galaxy and a Foxy Chick

Imagine my shock in discovering from a Green Martian that this bubbly headed blond was more than just a sexy chickipoo with a hot accent:

Foxy Inside & Out

Naw!  For however much I love to tease Miss Lizziepoo here, I do know she is as bright as she is foxy, which is one of the reasons I love to hang out with her.  That and she takes good pictures of me.

At any rate, enjoying watching my little birdie learn to fly in the digital realm with her second Samsung Galaxy S Mob!lers Challenge.  This time Team Vansung had to brainstorm a useful App for the Galaxy S Smartphone and film their pitch in HD on their Galaxy (how cool is that).  And that they did.

Now despite having a sexy smart mind, this young fox is unlikely to out fox moi, as she has proposed the perfect App for stealth taping and uploading of the wonderful little dance numbers that Lizzie struts when she thinks no one is taping.  I will be happy to report back with such a little ditty next time I get my paws on her Galaxy.  In the meantime go ‘like’ the begeezies out of the latest Team Vansung entry (They need as much support as they can get by Sunday, as this isn’t Kindergarten and there are winners and losers, even though in my heart Lizzie will always be a winner.  Excuse me while I go gag.) and then go check out the other Mob!lers.  Their ideas are non too shabby either.

Now be off with you!  I need to sleep and am fast becoming a Miss Grouchy Pants!

Nightie Night!

Emme xoxo

Past ‘Chick Who Clicks’ on YouTube

Just found this video from a past ‘Chick Who Click’s’ participant, Ellen Marden aka @zaellen & @todaysellen:



Looks like shes making the trek up from Washington for the first Canadian Chicks Who Clickthis coming weekend! Looking forward to meeting her!