Gotta Look Good While Plummeting to Your Death

You know how your Grandmother use to tell you to wear clean underwear, in case you got hit by a bus.  Well, I took this to heart as I tried to touch up my lipstick while plummeting from a plane last week.



Only problem is when I landed (alive thank goodness), my teeth were also covered in lipstick (luckily my underwear was still clean though ~ Gran would have been proud)! Thanks to Jill of Urban Mommies for letting me know (about the lipstick on my teeth ~ not the clean underwear ~ that would have just been weird), as oppose to secretly snickering at me all day.

Sloppily done lipstick kisses,

Emme  xoxo

PS. In Full Disclosure: As always, the opinions and thoughts shared here are my own and honest ones. I am bought out by no one. In the spirit of disclosure, it should be noted that on this trip, I was a guest of Ford Canada to test out their new Ford Escape.


Me…A Thief?!

I found myself in one of those moral dilemmas you might debate when playing psychological games.  You know, the type of game where your friends bet on what you would do and you’re supposed to give your honest answer to see who knows you best.

When shopping with one of my girlfriends the other day, my goal was to find a long necklace to wear with my ‘going out’ tops.  After the ritual snacks and catch up chatter, we found a store with a whole wall of them.  We spent a while there, but believe it or not, nothing was quite right.  We moved on to another store to help my friend meet her goal of finding the perfect pair of jean shorts.  While waiting for her in the change room I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.


Notice Anything that Looks Suspicious?


Gasp! Loss of breath, then a long slow “Ooooooh, Nooooooo!”  I had walked out of the store with a necklace hanging off my arm!  I tried on so many that I was using my arm to hold them and with all the typical distractions I didn’t even notice that this one was still there.

My girlfriend was excited for me.  She said it was clearly mine now, AND it was really pretty.  When I told her I was going to take it back to the store she thought I was nuts.  I absolutely had to though, there was no doubt in my mind.  She really tried to talk me out of it and even went so far as to laugh at me and say that I was really funny.  I stuck to my feelings and made her walk back with me.  I wasn’t planning on the kind of return stolen merchandise situation a mother makes her child do.  I had no intention of reporting myself or apologizing!  I just casually walked back into the store, put the necklace down on the first table I saw and left.  I’m proud of myself that I didn’t cave to her pressure.  For now, I can breath easy.  What would you have done?


Let there be Lashes!

After answering a call to help a friend, I received two of the greatest gifts.  An unexpected, totally tranquil afternoon, and delectably long movie star eyelashes!  I was even a model for a day!  Well, not the runway, front page of a magazine type, but the kind of model a student practices their craft on.  My extremely talented make-up artist friend, Leanne (LeLe), decided to expand her business by learning how to do eyelash extensions.  At the time I had no idea what was involved in that, but agreed to let her learn on me.


Before: My Eyes Au Naturale


I thought I might be sitting in a chair under harsh lighting, but the first thing I had to do was lay down on a massage table. I was then covered in the softest blanket, lights were dimmed, a soft lamp was placed by my head and soothing music started to play.  An anti-wrinkle moisture pad was placed under each of my eyes (massive bonus!). My lower lashes were then taped down.  This part felt a little weird, but it’s necessary so your top lashes don’t stick to the bottom ones once the glue goes on.  Then, the most amazing part…I was told not to speak because it would move my face and eyes around too much!  This was going to take around an hour and a half, and all I had to do was lay there, be comfortable and not speak.  What a departure from my daily grind here in LA!  You bet I fell asleep! How could I not, when you add to all of that, my friend gently running her tool through my eye lashes, similar to that nice feeling of someone playing with your hair, attaching each individual extension, then puffing a soft flow of air using a little puffer to help the glue dry.   I immediately thought back to the day Emme and I spent at the Whistler Scandinave Spa, where talking was also prohibited. Hmm … now that I think about it, eyelashes were also involved, as I forgot to remove my makeup and still have flashbacks of Emme pointing and silently laughing an actually quite deafening laugh at the mascara running down my face!

When LeLe was finished she held up a mirror for me to see my new eyes.  Va Va Voom!  Something I thought only the celebrities did, had now become available to me.




I have since discovered that many women get eye lash extensions.  Many of the eye lashes I have admired on others, are not even real!  I have had a lot of fun with mine.  Waking up in the morning looking gorgeous is probably the one factor that might have me addicted to keeping this up.


Bike Helmets are Sexy!

With the beautiful weather upon us and people getting outdoors and being more active, I am seeing a lot more people out cycling, which is great. What’s not so great is how few of these people I see wearing helmets.

In the span of 5 blocks the other day, I saw at least 10 people riding their bikes. Only 2 of them were wearing a helmets. Not cool people. There’s a reason why there is a bike helmet law in the Province of British Columbia where I live. And yes, it applies to all ages, as it should.  I am somebody who has suffered more than one serious concussion. Concussions in which the doctors did not know how long it would take for me to recover or if I’d ever get better. I did get better, but in the process I realized how important it is for us to protect our heads. Head injuries can impact our whole sense of self, mental abilities, and personality. Having a head injury is damn scary.


The consequences of not wearing a bike helmet can be damn scary. Photographed by @waferboard in Vancouver.


Even before I had a head injury, it didn’t take rocket science for me to figure out that it was wise to wear a bike helmet. It’s the smart and proactive thing to do. I thank the governments across our country that have had the sense to make wearing bike helmets law for all ages.  And for those that have not, wise up and make it a law.


I certainly wouldn’t mind one of these helmets. Photographed by Gene Bisbee.


So yes, no contention, bike helmet wearers are sexy! And I’d go as far as to say those who ride, minus the helmet, aren’t date worthy.  I mean think about it.  Do you really want to date someone so shallow and obsessed with their looks, that they’ll forfeit well being for fear of messing up their hair?  You don’t want the parent of your future children to be so stupid.  Their safety aside, this lack of sense doesn’t bode well as a role model for your future children. Oh and if you are trying to get over your own insecurities of wearing a helmet, just think of how worse your hair will look with a gash in the side of your head or coated in blood. Beside true sex appeal comes from within, and smarts are damn sexy!


Looking hot in her helmet, as photographed by @SimplyBike.


Well, that’s all for tonight darlings!

Sexy Helmet Head Kisses,

Emme xoxo



A Shopping Expedition

Shopping is one of my favourite things to do. There’s a certain thrill that comes with trying things on, finding things that look good even though I would have never thought they would, and expanding my wardrobe, low storage capacity for clothes in my room be damned. I could shop forever. Even when I think I have enough clothes, I go out and find something else I want. However, there’s always one thing that puts a damper on the activity for me: the nations of the world have yet to band together to decide that I should have an unlimited stash of money for virtue of being awesome. Basically, I’m not rich and as much as I want to own 1000 dresses so I could wear one every day with no repeats, parting with money is painful to me, especially on a limited budget such as mine.

So, to me, a good sale is like a gift from a kind deity, and the one I shall write about presently sprang up like a lovely, unexpected daisy during a pilgrimage I’d undertaken with my roommate to Metrotown in hopes of catching Disney-Pixar’s Brave and eating frozen yogurt. Shopping was nowhere on the itinerary, at least not until we passed Bluenotes and noticed that they were having a sale in honour of their moving locations. They’d done a fantastic job advertising the fact: the sign was nice and big, and the store was plastered with banners telling of how everything has to go and that helping them with that goal would cost you ten dollars or less per item. Shining beacon of light if there ever was one. I’ve liked shopping there for the greater part of my recent history, so I was all for taking advantage of what the shiny sign was offering. How could I possibly resist?


Bright Shiny Sales Sign

Can’t get much clearer than this.


There were two things that made my shopping experience a little less than perfect, though not enough to really put a damper on the whole thing. The first took me back to a time in Colombia, when I heard my mom and, I think, my aunt talking about a store in Colombia we’d gone shopping at. They were talking about how they saw the store as belonging to the young; it wasn’t a place they thought they could go to find things that would suit them anymore. Now, I made off with an outfit, so it wasn’t like I found nothing I liked, but looking around at the clothes on display right after entering the store I thought “wow, this place is so… geared towards teenagers.” I think that’s why I was mostly drawn there when I was slightly younger than I am now; I loved the graphic tees featuring cartoons and the style. I’m not trying to say that no one over 19 should want to buy graphic tees and such, but to me going to the store this time made me feel for the first time, since I stopped wanting imitation punk fare, that I was outgrowing a certain fashion, that my tastes were evolving away from something I used to love. It was a reflective moment for me. And then I started spotting items I wanted and stopped feeling so old.


The top.

Dramatically sleeved top. I magnified the designs on the collar a bit.


The second had more to do with the expectation I got in my mind when I saw the advertisement for the sale. For this expedition, I had a budget of $25 dollars, which I somehow thought would amount to a mountain of clothes for me when all was said and done. It was $10 or less! I expected there to be a lot of items that leaned more to the ‘or less’ side in terms of pricing. Well… that wasn’t exactly how it panned out. Of course, most of the items I was drawn to were exactly $10, which would add up quickly with my budget in mind. Still, I did pretty well for myself in the end and $10 for a pair of jeans, for instance, is a pretty good bargain considering what I normally see while shopping.

Happily, I did manage to make out with a brand new outfit, and… I will now proceed to regale you with near-incoherent gushing about how very happy I am. You see, I got this top. It’s a bit see-through, but there are ways to get around that, which my budget accounted for. It has the most dramatic sleeves out of anything in my closet. They are so poofy, and yet so delicate. It was love at first sight. And these shorts. Wow. They’re a bit on the short side, as they would be, but they’re done up by buttons. Just buttons, no zipper to be found! I have never owned a pair like this and… well, I also didn’t have a pair of shorts in denim until the day I encountered this one. Lord, the buttons, though! Absolutely mesmerizing. And… well I got a white tank because I didn’t own one that wasn’t covered in lace. It was my more practical purchase.


Shorts and Tank

And the rest of my purchases.


All of this came to… $26.88 after taxes. So a little bit over budget, in the end. Still. My new clothes are just so cute.