Simply Because You’ve Always Wanted to See Darth Vader Buck Bottomed

Don’t try to deny it … you’ve always secretly wanted to see Darth Vader buck bottomed.  Well, either Darth or Chewbacca.  I mean it makes perfect sense, if at any time you held a bit of a heart throb for Luke or Leia that would have been completely shattered over the rumours of their own incestuous crushes, driving you straight into the arms of their father.  The one exception here, would be those of us that like a little hair on our men, as Darth strikes me as a bit of a hairless wonder, whereas Chewy, theres a man with nice set of hair!

Anyhow, after all these years, he’s finally been exposed and on the loo no less:

This long awaited expose has been brought to you by Team Vansung in the Mob!ler Canada Competition, so be sure to ‘like’, love, kiss and hug the bejezus out of them.

Oh and your welcome!

Green Martians, Galaxy and a Foxy Chick

Imagine my shock in discovering from a Green Martian that this bubbly headed blond was more than just a sexy chickipoo with a hot accent:

Foxy Inside & Out

Naw!  For however much I love to tease Miss Lizziepoo here, I do know she is as bright as she is foxy, which is one of the reasons I love to hang out with her.  That and she takes good pictures of me.

At any rate, enjoying watching my little birdie learn to fly in the digital realm with her second Samsung Galaxy S Mob!lers Challenge.  This time Team Vansung had to brainstorm a useful App for the Galaxy S Smartphone and film their pitch in HD on their Galaxy (how cool is that).  And that they did.

Now despite having a sexy smart mind, this young fox is unlikely to out fox moi, as she has proposed the perfect App for stealth taping and uploading of the wonderful little dance numbers that Lizzie struts when she thinks no one is taping.  I will be happy to report back with such a little ditty next time I get my paws on her Galaxy.  In the meantime go ‘like’ the begeezies out of the latest Team Vansung entry (They need as much support as they can get by Sunday, as this isn’t Kindergarten and there are winners and losers, even though in my heart Lizzie will always be a winner.  Excuse me while I go gag.) and then go check out the other Mob!lers.  Their ideas are non too shabby either.

Now be off with you!  I need to sleep and am fast becoming a Miss Grouchy Pants!

Nightie Night!

Emme xoxo

Fashion Fun at JK Models’ First Birthday

A JK Model takes to the runway during the L2 fashion show

Models, manicures and Grand Marnier, what more could a girl want on a Wednesday night?  Plenty of fun was to be had at JK Models first birthday party and thanks to our little Emme being all booked up myself and Erica Hargreave got to slip in on the fun.  Owner Jennifer Koning put on a wonderful celebration in the heart of Vancouver at Leone’s.

We were really excited to see a modeling agency like JK hitting their first big milestone.  They represent a range of shapes, sizes and ethnicities opening up the world of modeling in Vancouver.  In a cut throat industry like fashion it can be tough to push for diversity and I was proud to meet someone like Jennifer who has taken on such a challenge and is succeeding.

The night gave us all a peek at some of her models during two runway shows, both which wowed the crowd, and of course this little photographer at the end of the catwalk. The first showcased clothes from L2 Leone, Leone’s edgy, contemporary boutique, and the second gave us a flavour of luxury with some designer garments from Leone.

Agency owner Jennifer Koning watches her models take to the runway

The visitors were fully entertained between fashion shows with an array of enticing treats on offer that we fitted in alongside the mingling.  They included Pixstar‘s fun photo booth, where everyone could get four snaps with friends.  This was a stroke of genius on the organisers part, as many people mingled and chatted whilst awaiting their turn at a hilarious photo.  We had a few issues in the booth on first attempt, heads chopped off in the pics, people looking the wrong way.  But we soon got the hang of it and loved it.

She to Shic Boutique Beauty Lounge were also on hand to give mini manicures.  This was one of those rare moments that I wished I wasn’t a photographer as I knew my nails would never dry in time for shooting the next runway shoot, so had to pass on the treat.  And Grand Marnier kept the drinks flowing to a very happy crowd on a great occasion.

Naturally I’m all about the pictures so I’ll let my images do the talking for the event:

JK Model, Sunny Moon, opens the L2 runway show

The audience takes photos of a JK Model on the runway

An audience member holds her Pixstar booth pictures whilst watching the second runway show

JK Model Hayley is photographed as she walks in the L2 show

Raul Pacheco gets his first ever manicure from April W from She to Shic

A JK Model poses at the end of the runway during the designer clothing show

Alisha Mann applauds the models and designs.