Simply Because You’ve Always Wanted to See Darth Vader Buck Bottomed


Don't try to deny it ... you've always secretly wanted to see Darth Vader buck bottomed.  Well, either Darth or Chewbacca.  I mean it makes perfect sense, if at any time you held a bit of a heart throb for Luke or Leia that would have been completely shattered over the rumours of … [Read more...]

Green Martians, Galaxy and a Foxy Chick

Foxy Inside & Out

Imagine my shock in discovering from a Green Martian that this bubbly headed blond was more than just a sexy chickipoo with a hot accent: Naw!  For however much I love to tease Miss Lizziepoo here, I do know she is as bright as she is foxy, which is one of the reasons I … [Read more...]

Fashion Fun at JK Models’ First Birthday

An audience member holds her Pixstar booth pictures whilst watching the second runway show

Models, manicures and Grand Marnier, what more could a girl want on a Wednesday night?  Plenty of fun was to be had at JK Models first birthday party and thanks to our little Emme being all booked up myself and Erica Hargreave got to slip in on the fun.  Owner Jennifer Koning put … [Read more...]