A Walking-Distance To Vancouver

Scratch the "no dancing" part above. This is why I love Vancouver!

Serendipity brought my friend and I to Main Street on Sunday, June 19th just in time for Vancouver’s Car-Free Day. As usual, the story has a rather random start: a few months ago, this friend and I took a magic class and got to know this amazing magician who, oddly enough, … [Read more...]

An Exhausting Trip Back In Time

Organizing is more like a workout than an art or a science. Photo by Katie Harris

It’s summer cleaning time again. My roommate and I have been very tight friends since junior high – we were boarding-school roommates back then. Many sleepovers made our mothers good acquaintances too. Now that we are sharing an apartment again, one of our mothers always comes … [Read more...]

Why I Am Not an Artist

People hang strange things up on the wall. I should be more open about what counts as art. - Photo by Jason Anfinsen.

So I was taking my life-sized self-portrait painting back from the studio – the product of me trying to train the artistic part of my brain by taking an introductory-level art class. It was two days before recycling day at school, and I almost left it there to be pulverized for … [Read more...]

My Small Attempt in Having a Greener Life

My lunch. I've always liked Udon soups and their key ingredient usually isn't meat anyway.

It was by sheer chance that I recently stumbled upon some really powerful articles arguing about how, if we eat less meat, the world will become a better place, at least for farm animals. In fact, they were so powerful that I have made a decision I thought I’d never ever consider … [Read more...]

Eat Like A Gorilla

GO Veggie Burger – the brown piece on the left is the raw bread. Not for everyone but I liked it.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, I have recently been brainwashed by an amazingly inspiring talk and decided to venture into the world of vegetarianism. As someone coming from the land of good food (i.e. China), my initial instinct is to jump onto Google and Yelp, searching for … [Read more...]