MS Dance Off Challenge : Monday Moving and Grooving

MS Dance Challenge / MS Dance Off

You all know how healing I believe dance is for the mind, body and soul, so to say that I am over the moon thrilled to be a part of the MS Dance Challenge with one of my greatest friends and heroes, Carrie Sniderman, is an understatement. What is the #MSDanceChallenge, you … [Read more...]

Vancouver Fringe Festival Must See: She Has a Name

No 18

WOW!  That is all I could think of when I first tried to write this post on Friday night.  WOW!  I'd just seen possibly the most powerful play of my 30-something years in a small Vancouver theatre, the Firehall Arts Centre, as a part of Vancouver's 2012 Fringe Festival, and I was … [Read more...]

Show Your Support for Saskatchewan Filmmakers with #FilmFriday

Courtesy of Halder Mauicio's Facebook

For those of you that follow news from the film and television industry, you may be aware that in March 2012, the Government of Saskatchewan eliminated the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit (SFETC) set to expire on June 30, 2012. This decision is not only devastating to … [Read more...]


A True Fan

I met a wonderful woman on the subway.  She was on her way home from a Lakers game and was clearly a huge fan, as she had all the gear and the glow that comes from a great win.  She shared a story with me about her night at the game.     Having been a … [Read more...]

Just in Time for Timeraiser Vancouver Tonight


This is just a quick post as my favourite yearly Vancouver charity event is tonight, and I have yet to write about it. If you have been to Timeraiser before, you know what a truly wonderful and inspiring event it is and you likely already have your tickets for tonight's event … [Read more...]