Concocting an Anti-Inflammatory Tea

Tumeric and Ginger for reducing inflammation

On my journey to recovery from an accident, I have been fortunate enough to have been referred to Vancouver's ChangePain Clinic where I have been learning how to better manage the pain I am in, so that it does not become my whole life.  Along with the great treatments that I have … [Read more...]

Fruit Skewers

Summer Fruit Skewers

I was quite pleased with myself when I was able to make the teen girls at my son's birthday party go, 'Oh my gosh! Those are SO adorable!'  I'd like to give you the same power by sharing this really simple recipe for fruit skewers. All you need is a watermelon, a large … [Read more...]

Simply Delicious Recipes at the Chateau Laurier

Cheese Torching in the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Kitchen

I'll admit it, I am a bit of a foodie, although I do find the term slightly pretentious. Reality is I like good food, quality ingredients, and quite frankly I'm a good cook. Most of what I do, however, is quite simple, using quality ingredients and intuitively knowing what … [Read more...]

Brunch Poached Healthy with Local Organics

Brunch: Eggs Poached Healthy

With the rain showering down on Vancouver, it turns me back into a Chesire Cat. Craving weekends filled good books, writing in my PJs, and scrumptious brunches!  Chesire Cat does not necessarily mean unhealthy, however.  And luckily, in addition to the eggs and cheese that I am … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter & Blue Cheese, Avocado & Chocolate

Click on this photo for a pixengo to my audio reaction to bizarrely scrumptious dish.

I feel the need after that title to emphatically state, "No, I am not pregnant.  Or at least not unless, unbeknownst to me, I have been artificially been impregnated by aliens."  And I am fairly certain the latter has not occurred.  What has occurred, however, is that I have been … [Read more...]