And with the hint of an accent it all flooded back … Vancouver 2010

Stealing a Kiss

Funny how history repeats itself.  A year ago, I was somewhat blassay about the Olympics being in this fine city of ours. The Olympic Committee had not been especially warm or welcoming to locals, but a few of the Houses changed all that for me, especially La Maison de la Suiss … [Read more...]

European Mishaps and Mischief

Vatican City, Italy

When my boyfriend, Ben, said his friend Emme was considering a trip to Europe I remembered all my silly Eurorail experiences.  When you’re at art school in Glasgow, summer isn’t the best (we get A LOT of rain).  So we felt the continent calling, for artistic inspiration of … [Read more...]

Lost Love

Stealing a Kiss

I first saw him on the Eve before the Games. We exchanged a brief, but ever so sweet kiss and my heart, that I worried had turned to ice, melted in that instant. Being me - he is, of course, a complex fellow, and not all that easy to get close to.  You see, he is somewhat … [Read more...]

One Hell of a Great Party at Saxony House

Saxony Opener

Apologies about my singing in this vid from last night, but I couldn't help myself.  I was having such a great time! [youtube]dKAkHHoWTt4[/youtube] Here's the usual schedule at Saxony House: 12 - 6 pm    Saxon Food & the Olympics on the Tele 6 pm - 11 pm   Saxon … [Read more...]

Dolling Up to Kick Off the Party at Saxony

Really looking forward to the Official Opening of Saxony House Tonight and absolutely loving the song that they've created for Vancouver 2010: [youtube]AouDd0OMsrQ[/youtube] With the Saxony folk and rock band, De Erbschleicher, Saxon Films, and a Saxon DJ and a Saxon Chef, I … [Read more...]