And with the hint of an accent it all flooded back … Vancouver 2010

Stealing a Kiss

Funny how history repeats itself.  A year ago, I was somewhat blassay about the Olympics being in this fine city of ours. The Olympic Committee had not been especially warm or welcoming to locals, but a few of the Houses changed all that for me, especially La Maison de la Suiss … [Read more...]

Chocolaty Kisses Thanks to the Swiss

Swiss Lad

For the past week I have been cursing the Swiss for putting me on a roller coaster ride of jet set proportions. You see the problem is that they are such teases. They start out my week, wining and dining me on CHEESE and CHOCOLATE. Just take a look at the dessert they placed … [Read more...]

Swiss Miss

I've always had a fondness for the Swiss, thanks to Stefan and his serenades.  Well ... that fondness only grew yesterday after attending the opening of Maison de la Suisse. Maison de la Suisse at Bridges on Granville Island Very quickly I came to the realization that … [Read more...]

In Honour of the Swiss

Okay, so admittedly have no idea what these Swiss gals are singing, but they are cute and make me smile, which is exactly what the warm welcome at Switzerland House made me do this afternoon. [youtube]drM4qeZlJpA[/youtube] Oh and did I mention the yummy cheese and chocolate … [Read more...]