Kisses and Nuzzles from the Paynes Prairie Wild Horses!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a beautiful moment filled with love, nuzzles and kisses that I enjoyed last week with the wild horses of Florida‘s Paynes Prairie.


Wild Horses kissing on Paynes Prairie

The Kiss!


So very magical!


A long kiss between wild horses on Paynes Prairie.

… still kissing …


Happy Valentine’s Day!


A wild colt's kiss on Paynes Prairie

A child’s love!



Emme   xoxo

PS A big thank you to Ford Canada for the Ford Escape that got me here, and to Roam Mobility for keeping me connected along the way!

All I Want For Christmas …

Dear Santa,

If you please, all I want for Christmas is love, understanding and world peace.  If you could rid the world of prejudice and oppression too, that would be most appreciated.  If it helps, Songwriter Robin Barker (the sexy beast) explains it well with his song …



Thinking I haven’t been too naughty, so if you wouldn’t mind.

There will be carrots waiting for the reindeer and a kiss for you under the mistletoe!

Emme xoxo

Valentine’s Love

For me Valentine’s should not be a one day affair or simply about couples.  Valentine’s should be an on-going philosophy of remembering to tell the people in your life that you love them and showing them that on a regular basis.  Saying “I love you”  when you get off the phone or bid them adieu, giving them hugs and kisses when you see them and leave them, and doing thoughtful things for them.


Alas I may not be Richard Yearwood's 'lover', but I do love that this man has no issues with hugging, kissing or telling me he loves me. The feeling is mutual and one of the many reasons I love to both work and play with this man.


These are not simply the ramblings of a gal that is single on Valentine’s Day.  I actually generally prefer my single Valentines, as more people tell me they love me and I am never met with disappointment.  Plus Fuzzywiggle Furrypants Roo makes the best damn Valentine’s cat that there ever was.  She gives even more kisses and hugs than I do (and I’m pretty liberal with mine).

No, this is a philosophy instilled in me thanks to my parents.  And thanks to them, it is the reason that I know where I stand with my family, close friends and many of the people who I work with (who I consider to be family and close friends) ~ they love me and I love them (Hell, at  Ahimsa that seems to be one of the long term prerequisites ~ do they have talent and do we love them ~ necessary after all, when we do long hours, all over the World).  And as I get older and have sadly started to lose some of the people in my life that I love, it is for this reason that I always know the last thing that I said to them ~ I  love you! (and despite saying these words often, every day of my life, they are not hollow words).

And with that, I send all you lovely readers some hugs …



With smooches to Ian MacLatchy for posting this video on our producer, Erica’s, facebook wall, where I spotted it.

Love and Kisses,

Emme xoxo

I Heart Disney!

If you’re like me and do not want to go to the now-packed Vancouver beaches, summer and early fall is a really good time to catch up on all the movies or TV shows that you’ve missed during the year.

Lately I watched one of Disney’s newer movies, “Tangled”. It’s based on the fairy tale Rapunzel, but with a few added twists. I must say I was very surprised by how hooked I was after just a few minutes of watching it. Even though I knew how it would end, I still wanted to figure out how Rapunzel would get away from the evil old lady who claimed to be her mother.  (Watch it if you have not yet already done so. Trust me, you will like it a lot).

One of my favourite Disney movies, Tangled. Photo courtesy of Josh Hallet

I always enjoy movies that have a moral behind their story. Yes, Tangled‘s target audience is probably kids; however, Disney seems to have the power to attract people from every age group. I guess it is probably due to the alluring effect of fantasy. I am not ashamed to admit that I want to live in a utopian world with everything being perfect. I would fight for the dream of the world where everyone is treated with respect, where goodness triumphs, and most importantly, where everyone gets a happily ever after — or at least, I would get in line to see a world like that on the big screen ;) Of course, real life is…well…leaves something to be desired, which is probably why fantasies and fairy tales are as popular as they are.  That’s why I was shocked after watching Tangled to read a post about how Disney has stated that Tangled will be its last fairy tale movie for a while.

Take a minute to absorb that. Disney, is taking an indefinite hiatus from making fairy tale movies.

If you’re like me, titles like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty were in and out of your VCR throughout your childhood. Why would Disney choose to break their 73-year tradition now? Could it be that girls no longer hope to be princesses or have a lovely marriage? Although it seems to be the trend that girls just want to look like Hollywood stars and measure their attractiveness accordingly, it does not mean that the values that we are promoting in the society are right. Also, it does not mean that no girl wants to be treated like a princess, or to find true love and live happily forever.

Love in Disney. Photo by Matthew Thorn.

I love the fact that the princesses in the movies will end up finding their loved one after going through a series of difficult times. Call me naïve, but I believe that somewhere out there, there is the right guy or girl for everyone. My prince probably will not come to rescue me on his white horse (or car, perhaps), but I think that no matter what, he will fight off and slay the dragon in order to win my heart. I don’t mean that he’ll gallop across a burning bridge to do it, but he won’t hesitate to put effort into being with me — and thereby proof his love. I know many of you will probably get jealous, but that is what my boyfriend has done. He has driven two hours back and forth from Seattle to Vancouver every two weeks just to spend the weekend with me. Although this is nothing compared to some long distance relationships, it does make me feel like I am his princess who he values very much.

Anyway, my point is that I am very sad to hear this “no more fairy tales” announcement. It just breaks my heart to know that Disney, my childhood companion, will just abandon the fairy tales that made me an imaginative girl, thanks to the magic they’ve brought to so many kids.

Magical moment at Disney. photo by Knowsphotos

Disney movies give us hope to know that if we try to achieve our dreams, one day we can, like Rapunzel, get out of that tall tower and have some the fulfillment we crave. Dear Disney, please don’t stop making fairy tales. We need your magic to make this world a better place with the spellbinding effects you have on our generations.

Roamancing in Alpha

“These boots were made for walking,

And that’s just what they’ll do …”


Photographer: Liz Kearsley


It’s been a long time and many hints in coming, but I am pleased to finally introduce Roamancing in Alpha …



… the site ~

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Just the beginning of what promises to be many a tale of shenanigans and debauchery from the likes of Brie Mason, Sir Von Ritter, Clippernolan, Hummingbird604, Thu Nguyen, Katrina Ham, Alyzee Lakhani, Richard Yearwood, Kelly Lui, Summer, myself and many more whose identies we are keeping undercover just for now.

Smooches from the road,

Emme xoxo