The Sexy Andrea Menard Struts Her Stuff Across the Prairies

Was reminded the other day whilst making my mixed tape of a few Canadian artists, of some of the incredible talent we have in this country of ours.  So many voices I love to listen to. In that mix is singer and actress, Andrea Menard, a woman who lights up the stage with her warmth and talent and is equally as lovely in person.  You can’t help, but love her, especially after you see her perform live.

I was lucky enough to have such an opportunity this past winter, thanks to the Saskatchewan Pavilion during the Olympics. In fact, I enjoyed listening to her so much that I went back two nights in a row.  Here she is, as filmed by moi:

Am a little jealous of the Prairie folk this week and next as Andrea is strutting her way across the Prairies in her Holiday Sparkle Tour, yet alas she stops just East of the Rockies.  Drat!  Oh how I wish I was in Toon Town with Teddy this coming Wednesday so I could go enjoy her show.  As for her other stops for all you fine Prairie folk:

  • Winnipeg – Fri. Dec. 3, 2010 – 8 pm – West End Cultural Centre (huge apologize to the Peggers for not getting this up yesterday)
  • Regina – Sat. Dec. 4, 2010 – 8 pm – Casino Regina Show Lounge (not too late for tickets – get your ass off the couch & dial the box office)
  • Saskatoon – Wed. Dec. 8, 2010 – 8 pm – Broadway Theatre (I’ll be drowning my sorrows in a hot apple mandarin toddy Wednesday to mask the jealousy of missing this)
  • La Ronge – Fri. Dec. 10, 2010 – 7 pm – Jonas Roberts Memorial Community Centre
  • Calgary – Mon. Dec. 13, 2010 – 7 pm – EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Edmonton – Tues. Dec. 14, 2010 – 7 pm – TransAlta Arts Barns – Westbury Theatre

And to make me even more jealous, it looks like Andrea is going to be joined by that fine Irish beast, Stephen Maguire along with Robert Walsh.  Anyone know what the cost of a flight to Saskatoon is this Wednesday?

Now, you got a taste of Andrea’s folkie tunes above, so I thought it only fair if you get a bit of a taste for her jazz too.  Besides which, this fan video fits nicely with the mo (not too late for a Movember donation) and pantie themes I’ve been enjoying this past little while.  Ladies – I think you’ll enjoy this!

mmm …  I think I may need a cold shower.


Emme xoxo

Santa, Panties and Plenty of Kisses … What More Could a Gal Want!?! #LPV10

I always love Launch Party for connecting with old friends and checking out new start-ups and last night’s was no different.  Just very upset that Santa was hiding on me.  I wanted to see if he still wanted to buy me a house.  Something or other about Raul and Erica sitting on his lap at the same time sent the poor man into hiding, however. And really can you blame him?  There’s only so much goodness that one man can give and those two are so bloody demanding (perhaps this is one of the reasons I begrudgingly love them both).

One Visibly Distressed Santa Sandwiched by Erica and Raul at #LPV10

So last night’s highlight for me???

Well, duh!!!!  Panty by Post! I’ve only been dying to meet the sexy gals behind it for months, not to mention, finally getting the opportunity to caress their luxurious European panties.

Which brings me back to Santa. I know the Holidays are about the giving.  But if you so happen to want to give me a present this year, Panty by Post would give both you and I something, that is if I were to happen to post a pic or two of me modeling my monthly panties. Just saying, you know, in case any of you are wracking your brain as to what to give me aside from hugs and kisses.  You know I’d hate to think I was causing any of you stress in life.

Now this brings me to a conversation and debate a ‘girlfriend’ and I were having last night after fondling the wonderfully soft men’s briefs they had out for the snuggling. How soon can one mail a man panties?  Is it ever too soon in a relationship to do such a thing?  I mean my ‘girlfriend’ wouldn’t want to scare him off or come across as a tart.  Also gents, how personal are a man’s panties to them?  Would you wear panties a gal sent you?  Would you wear these? And then there’s the question of sizing …

Food for thought.  And please do share those thoughts!


Emme xoxo

PS Thanks to Maura, Danny, Dimitri (and Sonia) for another great Launch Party!

PPS LATE BREAKING NEWS … this just in ….. Panty by Post is offering all my readers 20% off on theor pre-Christmas (2010) orders. Just enter holidaydeal20 into the coupon code section after you select your package! Wahooo!

Can You Guess What Kinda of Panties I’m Wearing Under There?

Thanks to some fabulous video responses to yesterday’s bargain store panties, the inspiration of the timethief and the fact that the forced over exertion of my neuro synapses has turned my brain to mush, I am declaring this Pantie Week on Being Emme. Queue the (pantless) marching band.

And with that, can you guess what kinda panties I’m wearing under there?

Mid Week Pantie Choir

If you’re like me and working too damn hard on a Tuesday following a long weekend (why is it that after a long weekend I always feel the need to try and fit in 6 days of work into 4?), then you’re in desperate need to jump, jive and wail and shake up some sillies.  And really what better way is there to do that, then to sing along with Little Miss Higgins and the folks of Hornby Island to Bargain Shop Panties:

So don’t be shy!  Start prancing around in those Bargain Shop Panties.  I am sure no one in the office will mind.  Hell, if I were in your office I’d be hooting and hollering and encouraging you on.


Emme xoxo

PS. Oh and remember your Little Miss Higgins Pantie Choir, so belt it out loud.

PPS. So loving the 2011 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festiva for introducing me to this gal and her bargain shop panties.