I Triple Dog Dare You To Get Moving and Grooving Like This!

Switzerland Travel Happy Dance

I do love to dance and a healthy set of balls, and as such this Monday Moving and Grooving, I triple dog dare you to invite random people to dance wherever you may be ... just like this fellow! While the goal here is to love living in the moment, do a bit of moving and … [Read more...]

WestJet Style of Monday Moving and Grooving

Welcome Aboard WestJet

One of the things that I have always loved about flying WestJet is that there is no snobbery and the staff are encouraged to be themselves and enjoy the lighter side of life! That was certainly illustrated by last week's WestJest viral video of the dancing flight attendant, … [Read more...]

Flaunting the Bluesy Goodness that I’ll Be Soaking in at the 2014 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival!

Photographed by Liz Kearsley

So just to be a brat, here is a taste of what my day today will sound (and look) like at 2014 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival at Deer Lake Park!!!  Happy Birthday to me!!!  (Otherwise known as 'Listen to Me Obnoxiously Flaunt the Blues Day' or 'My Rob Jone's  Day') Some of … [Read more...]

2014 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival Conundrums: Shakey Graves or Wide Mouth Mason

Shaun Verreault at the 2013 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival.

With the 2014 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival tomorrow, they have left me with one more conundrum to ponder tonight ... Shakey Graves or Wide Mouth Mason?!?  You see Shakey Graves takes to the Garden Stage in Burnaby's Deer Lake Park on Saturday August 9th from 4:45 to 5:30 pm, … [Read more...]