Roamancing TWSSF in Whistler

Many of you may have heard rumblings of our new travel series Roamancing.  Well, the rumour mill is true, we with a few friends, are launching into a new romantic transmedia travel series searching this big wide world for love.  For me this started as a bit of a not-so-private joke between me and my buddy, Sir Von Ritter, who wrote a series of posts on how what I needed was a European Knight rather than a North American George Clooney type.  Now while I don’t believe that I need to go to Europe to find love, I do believe that I need to start to slow down and smell the roses – ie. actually start taking some time for me and have some fun exploring this big wide world of ours.

"Me Time" at Le Chamois Whistler

To put this to the test, Richard Yearwood and I escaped the hustle and bustle of the city Easter weekend for some fun in the sun in Whistler, thanks to Whistler Tourism.  It was exactly what I needed.  While we didn’t exactly slow down, we did have a huge amount of fun and discovered all sorts of new aspects to Whistler from music and art to learning to snowboard in the Spring sun to zipping through the trees with Ziptrek Ecotours.   Best part for a Van City Gal, was this kind of escape can be planned stress free at the last minute or simply on a whim.

Richard and I, in what I like to think of as Ewok Village Whistler

For a full account of all of our Whistler Weekend Adventures over the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, you will have to stay tuned to Roamancing as we launch the site and our social media feeds over the next month and put up a variety of posts from A Morning in the Life of an Ewok to the first in a Le Chamois inspired series on the World’s Best Tubs to Snowboarding Tips from Whistler Blackcomb Ski & Snowboard Hottie Sean Matthews.

In the meantime, a few tips for those looking for a highly recommended escape from the daily grind:

  • If you, like me, fantasize about leisurely soaks in the tub with a good book and a glass of wine, the tub at Le Chamois was an absolute dream come true for me, jets included.  And now sadly, while I didn’t get the opportunity to try this, I’d harbour a guess that it fit two comfortably.  Richard, similarly enjoyed his roomy shower.

Tub Heaven at Le Chamois Whistler

  • There’s ART in Whistler!   And really good art – inspired by the mountain culture and the natural surroundings.  When you’re taking a break from the mountain, go search it out.  I really enjoyed what I saw.  Had to give Richard my credit card to curb the spending cravings.

TWSSF State of the Art

  • If you give the techno music in the clubs a pass (unless of course that’s your thing) there is actually some good music in Whistler.  The Mountain knows its acts and will bring them in, often for free. We caught both Broken Social Scene and Marianas Trench for free on Easter Weekend.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on the new Jazz Festival coming to the mountain in September.

Marianas Trench at TWSSF in Whistler

  • Even though the snow is not at it’s best in the Spring, the skiing is still immensely enjoyable, especially if you go with the layered look and salaciously strip down throughout the day.  It’s a great way of building that tan for the summer, especially if it is not limited to the goggle region.  Blackcomb Mountain is open for the season until May 30th, so there is still time to grab a few runs.  To find the best runs and ski conditions, test out the Whistler Blackcomb Live App.  It’s free.  Oh and think Preventable: wear a helmet (and possibly a bum pad, if you’re snowboarding) and get lessons if it’s your first time.  The Whistler Blackcomb Ski & Snowboard School are excellent and they have a hottie or two working for them (HELLO Mr. Sean Matthews).

Sean Matthews, Snowboard Instructor & Whistler Hottie

  • If you’re like me and like to geek out a little, while taking in the mountain air and getting that Whistler adventure rush on, then I’d recommend checking out the Ziptrek Ecotours. We did the Ziptrek Bear Tour, which made me feel like I’d joined a band of Ewoks.  It was awesome!  Being someone that was initially terrified, I had fun and felt in safe hands with our knowledgeable and humorous guides.  Thanks Peter and Edwin!

Richard Showing off on the Ziptrek

Now I should also note that some of the art and music mentioned about is one of the advantages to hitting Whistler when an event is on.  We were there for the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival, which included one of my favourite art exhibits, State of the Art, and a series of free outdoor music concerts, including Broken Social Scene and Marianas Trench.  You have to wait a year until TWSSF is back, but in the meantime, there are some other cool festivals in Whistler coming up, including:

Now to answer the age old question (or at least mine), can you find love in Whistler?  Don’t laugh.  Yes, I have been told that I can find plenty of love there for a night (which really isn’t what I’m looking for just now), but actual love.  Despite the chuckles and scoffs that I can hear as I write this, I do believe you can.  Whether it is taking someone you are building a relationship with on a weekend escape to take time for each other or you seriously connect with someone on a weekend escape, it happens.  We met a couple from the States that actually met in Whistler (video to come on Roamancing) and despite the transient lifestyle of Whistler, there are folks that stay and are looking for that special someone.  This is especially true for the gals, as lets face it Whistler is a bit of a sausage fest.  Ladies – you just have to be somewhat discerning in your selection (ie. give the married men on a weekend romp a wide pass.  If they are treating Whistler like Las Vegas, they are probably not the fellow to be batting your eye lashes and tossing your hair at).

So did I find love?  Too soon to tell, but I did get a phone number or two.

~ Emme xoxo

Crawling Out of the Cave

So ever so slowly I am emerging from my winter hibernation and several month long Olympic hangover. To sound all hauty tauty film industry-esque, I am now coming off of my hiatus. Finally!  And with that, I am looking for a new party dress. So you are likely to see a few changes here in the next few days.

Photo by Florence

1) I feel like doing a bit of Spring Cleaning and getting a fresh new look, so will be playing around with the blog look. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Colour, font …etc.

2) Back to planning my Travel Adventures and as such am toying with the idea of bringing a few other storytellers along for the ride. So hopefully, we might hear from a few old friends like Sid and Brie (and maybe even Sir Von Ritter), and I’ve invited a UK artist, Lainie, that I quite like, to play around in the space a bit, as I think her imagery and travel experience might be a good fit for the adventures.

3) Ahimsa is getting a new set of interns, including a dancer and musician – Alyzee and Bronwyn – and I truly believe that it would be criminal to leave their whole education in the hands of the bright eyed and flower field frolicking Erica. Really someones got to introduce them to the ghetto (not really sure that this is the ghetto, but lets pretend it is for a second or two at least). Might even try to occasionally steal Liz from time to time, purely for the selfish reason as I can’t believe Ahimsa now has a professional photographer on staff and no one has thought to organize a photo shoot for me. Scandalous!! Well two can play at that game. Time to pull out the shiny objects, in the form of colourful summer drinks to lure the interns away with.

Here’s Bronwyn playing at The Cellar:

Wish me luck!


Emme xoxo

Being Emme

Good Morning World!!! And welcome to my new day!

I know you’re all dying to know what I’ve been up to and I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you (or more aptly Fuzzywiggle Furrypants would and she doesn’t like getting her paws dirty).

Spearing a Canadian by you.

Photo by Tris Hussey

In all seriousness, it’s time for some changes in my world – good changes – big changes. A little spring cleaning for the soul if you will.  Starting the year off with a fresh new space and a fresh new look.

What are these changes that I speak?

  • Well for one, its time to finish the novel, ‘Single in the Suburbs’ that originally started me down this path.  And then get started with my Mom on it’s sequel, ‘My Mom, the Junkie’.
  • Two, it’s time.  I feel ready.  For what?  Well, some gals would say ‘their Prince Charming’, for me it’s ‘My Snuggly Old Blankey’.
  • Three. I’m striving for balance. I bit of a lofty goal I know, but if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed.

This new space is my journey to the above and it’s pages will be filled with the characters and settings that inspire me along the way, along with those heroes that do their best to catch me when I fall.  Because no matter how independent we are, every gal needs her heroes .

Northern Voice 2009 by John Biehler.

Photo by John Biehler

Speaking of heroes, I would be most remiss if I didn’t mention two, aside from my family, that have really helped to inspire this new space and clarify it’s direction.  An enormous thanks to Tris Hussey, you sexiest of devils, for the whisperings of WordPress themes and SEOs in my ear.  And a great big thanks to Jennifer Priest, who is coaching me on finding my path to fulfilling my dreams.  I’m finding my sessions with her to be incredibly inspirational, so I will share an account of my journey with her here.

For all the Sexy in Van City fans out there, no worries, it will continue with Kittyn.  So stay tuned as she puts her own cat spin on the site.  You can always get a blast from the past here too.  Just scroll through my ‘Little Black Book’ for  Sid’s, Sir von Ritter’s, Miss Roo’s and my old Sexy in Van City Posts.  They’re the ones dated February 2009 or earlier.

Love and Light (and as always Kisses),

Emme xoxo

A Knightly Tale …..Continued

Humble, battered and apologetic to any Van City women that I may have offended (the truth can sting), I have returned fair readers to continue my knightly tale.

If you are just joining this story for the first time, the story begins here with A Knightly Tale and continues below ….

Red headed maiden groveling before the passing Blue Sultan by Alaskan Dude.

Now, I had almost lost faith that I would ever come across a maiden of such qualities, until I stumbled across this blog.  The exploits of Emme Rogers – while not always conforming to the code of knightly conduct – have captivated me.  She may not admit to it, but in a way, I can feel that she is restless, searching, waiting for a knight in shiny armour to kneel down before her.

Sterling kneel cropBWlg by twistedhaloproductions.

For now, I will observe her trails and tribulations from a distance, waiting for that perfect moment, when the setting sun best brings out the bronze sheen of my suit of armour (hand-crafted by the best German blacksmiths).

Castle At Sunset by Fugue.

Photo by Anton Raath

A knight does not ask much of his maiden – only to give him her perfumed handkerchief, so he may wear it close to his heart in battle.  But in return, she will receive top notch gallantry – not just the fleeting charm of a night with a George Clooney-type.  We knights, at times, don’t appear all that attractive, I have to admit.  But hey, you come back from a 3-month crusade, stuck inside the same suit of armour day and night, with no soap or shaving cream in sight – you’re not going to look (or smell) like friggin’ Leonardo do Caprio, either!  But we’re tough and battle-hardened, and when we do find a treasure, we will fight to keep it.  So, female readers, listen up!  If you’re looking for real passion and an unselfish guy, give the George Clooney-types a pass!  Everything falls into their laps.  They don’t have to exert themselves, they don’t have to prove themselves.  They may even be complete failures in the bedroom and never know it, because there is another girl already waiting in line.  Women of the world!  If you’re looking for quality, give the knights a try – and possibly also the inconspicuous nerdy guys.  You will not be disappointed!  THEY have to fight for their women.  Therefore, they will do their utmost to please them in every way imaginable.

I do not know, if these insights will have any bearing on the capers of Emme and her entourage.  Perhaps she will dismiss my comments as useless drivel.  But I will not stand idly by, as the world of gallantry goes to the dogs.  There is room for knights, even in this time and place.  You just have to start believing that they exist!

At your humble service,

Sir von Ritter, noble knight of the order of Balaenoptera

A Knightly Tale (a belated Valentines turned Birthday letter)

A dark night shrouds the misty moor. A fragrance of peat and decay is carried upon the breeze and a white mist wafts in slowly from the seashore. A ray of moonlight is reflected off a shiny steel surface. The glint of the knight’s armour betrays his presence. Yet, he moves stealthily and with purpose. In his gloved right hand he carries a dagger – dull and battered from use on countless foes. The knight twirls the dirk around in his fingers expertly – as if it were a baton. He stops dead in his tracks, as the cry of an owl pierces the night. As always, the hooters are vigilant, while the great tits rest…

Knight Templar by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton.

Photo by Timothy K Hamilton

Hey – obviously, I’m talking about nocturnal birds of prey and diurnal songbirds here, you immature moron! Well, now that the mood is broken, I might as well admit that the misty moor is nothing but Stanley Park in Vancouver. The description of the fragrance is pretty much accurate, but the shiny armour consists of blue jeans and a raincoat. The dagger is a cellphone. But the knight is for real! That would be me! Allow me to introduce myself with a flourish and a bow: Sir von Ritter, at your service!

Hello Vancouver by Stuck in Customs.

Photo by Trey Ratcliffe

I have come over from ye olde Europe on a special quest. As you can imagine, it’s quite difficult to be a knight in our modern-day world. Not the least of my worries is the search for a worthy female companion. Where have all the fair maidens gone? In Europe, they are few and far between. So, now I have turned my gaze to the new continent (thus also escaping competition with other knights, since there are far fewer castles in Canada than, say, in Southern France). If you’re going through all the trouble of entering the dragon’s lair and risking life and limb to kill the beast, then you want to be pretty certain that she does not just give you a thanks-very-much kiss-goodbye on the cheek (in the face! Not that other cheek, you silly twat!) and then runs off with some George Clooney-type, or whatever strikes her fancy.

Another issue that makes courtship difficult for us knights, is that when you behave gallantly towards a woman, it is rarely taken as a compliment among equals (as a knight intends). When e.g. you hold the door open for her, spread your cape across a puddle before she steps in, or scale the deadly cliffs of Akravnar just to pick one of the incomparable Lashtavar roses for her – then the usual reactions are something like:

1) She thinks you’re gay (and by that I do mean the homosexual kind of gay, not the medieval cheerful happy kind of gay).

2) She thinks you’re being a chauvinist pig and want to belittle her, not accepting that she is very capable of scaling the deadly cliffs of Akravnar ALL BY HERSELF, thank you very much!

3) She likes the attention and starts to behave like a diva, snapping her fingers and growing ever more demanding of her knight, until he realizes that she is really just one lazy, exploitive bitch.

I want to emphasize that I have no time for the fragile little princesses whose main concern in life is the colour of the ribbons in their hair and who faint at the sight (or smell) of horse manure. The fair maiden I’m talking about knows how to defend the castle, is an expert at picking the chastity belt-locks of her unfortunate princess-type neighbours and tells her knight outright that he looks terrible in red tights.

Chivalry by Myrmi.

Photo by Myrmi