Roamancing TWSSF in Whistler

Richard Showing off on the Ziptrek

Many of you may have heard rumblings of our new travel series Roamancing.  Well, the rumour mill is true, we with a few friends, are launching into a new romantic transmedia travel series searching this big wide world for love.  For me this started as a bit of a not-so-private … [Read more...]

Crawling Out of the Cave

So ever so slowly I am emerging from my winter hibernation and several month long Olympic hangover. To sound all hauty tauty film industry-esque, I am now coming off of my hiatus. Finally!  And with that, I am looking for a new party dress. So you are likely to see a few changes … [Read more...]

Being Emme

Good Morning World!!! And welcome to my new day! I know you're all dying to know what I've been up to and I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you (or more aptly Fuzzywiggle Furrypants would and she doesn't like getting her paws dirty). Photo by Tris Hussey In all … [Read more...]

A Knightly Tale …..Continued

Humble, battered and apologetic to any Van City women that I may have offended (the truth can sting), I have returned fair readers to continue my knightly tale. If you are just joining this story for the first time, the story begins here with A Knightly Tale and continues … [Read more...]

A Knightly Tale (a belated Valentines turned Birthday letter)

A dark night shrouds the misty moor. A fragrance of peat and decay is carried upon the breeze and a white mist wafts in slowly from the seashore. A ray of moonlight is reflected off a shiny steel surface. The glint of the knight's armour betrays his presence. Yet, he moves … [Read more...]