What Disney Taught Me About Dating In Real Life

White Rabbit at Disney on Ice

I delight in enjoying childish things with an alarming amount of exuberance. On Friday night, I stepped out my door to be assaulted by huge snowflakes falling. My response to this? To begin dancing in the middle of the sidewalk with my head tilted up, mouth open to catch as many … [Read more...]

6 Simple Words: “I’m Just Not That Into You” – Use Them!

Dating by Sergey Sus.

I love being single. Meeting new people, feeling that bubble of nervousness, lots of romance and I get to experience this over and over again? Yes, please! Don’t get me wrong: I dream of one day meeting someone who I clicked with and everything that comes with the white picket … [Read more...]

A Van Sexy Date Pick: The Girl in the Frame, an Intimate Theatre Production at Studio 1398

The Girl in the Frame with Intimate Theatre with Studio 1398

I'll admit it.  As a woman, I can't help, but smile at the suggestion of a fireman.  Not sure if this is due to the brainwashing of pop culture ideology, or the stereotype that fireman are buff (and look good with their shirts off), care about helping others, and are fabulous … [Read more...]

A Blind Date for Grandma

The Blind Date by HikingArtist.com

Happily I'm not in this predicament just yet (or not so happily, depending on how you look at it, as I'd love to have grandkids, one day).  But I'm curious, what would you do if your grandchild decided to set you up on a blind date?   [youtube kWmbeGfOpEc]   To be … [Read more...]

Bringing a Tear to my Eyes

Imelda May

There's something about the smokey, traditional jazz look of Imelda May that reminds me of Dad. [youtube wXfgQoTHNBs] Listening to these lyrics broke my heart, as they are exactly how Dad feels about Mom.  He will forever be falling in love with her again.  Love you Dad! Now … [Read more...]