A Boy’s Sweet 16

ice cream birthday cake

We laughed, we cried, it was better than cats! (and not particularly in that order). Nothing with our family is anything short of an adventure and no parenting moment of mine goes without testing, so it should have been no surprise that when planning a boy's sweet 16, my own … [Read more...]

My Superpower, Tips and Tricks to Taking the Perfect Jumping Photo

I can even give other people superpowers with my own abilities. It's a bird...it's a plane...

I am not a talented photographer at all, but a certain superpower has developed in me over the past couple of summers.  I am a genius at The Beach Jumping Shot! I cannot take jumping photos anywhere else other than the beach.  I have tried and it just doesn't work.  For … [Read more...]

Dancing in Mexico: a Travel Happy Dance Edition to Monday Moving and Grooving

Roam On Red Boot Stomp Live from Mexico

Having been buried in research and document writing the past few weeks, I thought I'd share my insatiable desire for freedom and adventure with a little bit of Monday Moving and Grooving, Roamancing Travel Happy Dance Style! This clearly was not me splashing in the Mexican … [Read more...]

WestJet Style of Monday Moving and Grooving

Welcome Aboard WestJet

One of the things that I have always loved about flying WestJet is that there is no snobbery and the staff are encouraged to be themselves and enjoy the lighter side of life! That was certainly illustrated by last week's WestJest viral video of the dancing flight attendant, … [Read more...]

Finding Love in Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands with Winterdance

Love in the Haliburton Highlands

Ever since I began Roamancing, it doesn't matter where I go, I find love!  Such was the case on my recent trip to Ontario's Haliburton Highlands.  Despite staying at Haliburton, Ontario's ever so romantic couples inn, Sir Sam's Inn, where pretty much everything tantalizes, which … [Read more...]