Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival 2013

Charles Bradley on the Big Screen at the 2013 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

The 2011 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festiva has become one of my favourite things about summer. This year in 2013 was no exception. The festival represents more than just a world-class outdoor festival celebrating folk music, rock music, country, the blues, and every blend of … [Read more...]

Bring on the 2013 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival!

Amadou & Mireille at the 2012 Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival.

For many, the summer is about travel ... for me it's about enjoying lazy summer days close to home!  British Columbia is a bit of bliss every summer, and there are so many adventures to be had. There is never any debate though as to what the summer highlight is for me.  It is … [Read more...]

Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival 2011

Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival 2011

One of the most fascinating things about the blues is that no one really knows how old it is. It is a mysterious, sexy beast. This sense of mystery is true of all folk music, handed down from generation to generation, and not by means of historic documentation. No. By its very … [Read more...]

I’m a Late Bloomer … Ron Sexsmith Day in Canada

Hanging with Ron Sexsmith & Rob Jones - two of my music legends.

Its been a few months now since I first discovered Ron Sexsmith thanks to Rob Jones and Love Shines (yes, I'm a late bloomer), and the more I learn about him the more he endears himself to me and the more I can relate to him. This is a man that speaks to me on so many levels.  … [Read more...]

Ron Sexsmith Love Shines Movie Shown in the UK

Ron Sexsmith image courtesy of the2scoops

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 4-6) the Douglas Arrowsmith film about singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith Love Shines was broadcast on BBC4. The broadcast reached the big audience that Sexsmith has built up over years of releasing records and touring there. But, it also … [Read more...]