For the Love of the Indie Bookstore

bryan prince

I have always loved small, independent bookstores. I love wandering through the stacks, seeing bright and shiny new covers, plunking myself down on the floor to read the back covers and feeling the textures of the pages. I love the feel of being enraptured in story - stories of … [Read more...]

Ringing Out the Year with a Little Scandal

Well it would just be wrong to ring out the year without leaving behind a little scandal. And Mark, being a good friend, understands this, so he decided to help keep my reputation in tact. How you ask?  Well, Mark posted this pic as his facebook profile … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping Guide for Van City

Photographer: John Biehler

I know! You are horrified. Horrified to discover that I am out of town and you have yet to buy your 2010 Reading is Sexy Calendar.  The stuff of nightmares!!!! Well fear not!  I am here to save the day (with my cape, tights and all)! Yes, thats right!  I have strategically … [Read more...]

Toronto Calendar Kissing this Saturday

Photographer: John Biehler

It's rough, I know, but out of the kindness of my heart, I've decided to pucker up for dyslexia this coming Saturday. And just cause I am a worldly kinda gal, this time I am puckering up and moistening my lips, across the Rockies, the Prairies and a few freeways, in … [Read more...]