The Girl Who Tried To Cheer For An American Hockey Team

I have discovered that seeing an NHL hockey game in Los Angeles is a very affordable thing to do.  You can get tickets for $30-40 and they always have availability! I’ve been taking advantage of this with a few other Canadian friends and we have now been able to see all of our favourite Canadian teams as they come out here to play the American hockey team; LA Kings.

You can imagine our surprise when we all met up at the subway station and one of our friends was sporting an LA Kings shirt! She announced to the rest of us that she felt she had been living in LA a long time now, so she thought it was time to start rooting for her home team. You can bet we all let her have it for that!  You see … it’s an unspoken rule that no matter where you live, when it comes to hockey, any Canadian team will always be your home team. On this particular day the Winnipeg Jets were playing.


Canada sweater and LA Kings shirt

You otherwise wouldn’t know it, but BOTH of these girls are Canadian!


If we own jerseys, hoodies, or any apparel of the visiting team, we wear them to the game.  If not, we wear whatever Canadian gear we have.  It’s amazing how many others from the ‘True North’ you’ll spot at the Staples Center. Our friend, however, didn’t think all of this through! Of course, we made friends with other Canadians around us and pointed out the trader in our presence.  She would hush us and say that she was busy trying to concentrate on training her eyes to follow the other team. If the Kings scored she would clap and cheer, but it lacked any real look of joy.  She really did put in a lot of effort.

Somewhere in the 3rd period, when the Jets scored for the second time, our friend unleashed a fist-pump to the sky accompanied by a loud, deep from the belly cheer that had everyone around turning their heads. The rosy colour of life returned to her cheeks and she proclaimed, “I’m back!”

When we went out for a drink after the game, she explained that while she was watching the game as a Kings fan, she really wasn’t enjoying the game at all, but when she switched back to cheering for the Jets she started to have a great time and love hockey again, even though the Kings won the game. Let this stand as an experiment that was conducted on behalf of all Canadians, so no one else will have to go through it.  You have permission to cheer for other teams, but when you are out of country and ANY Canadian team is playing, even if you’re not normally a regular fan of them, THEY ARE YOUR HOME TEAM! It’s for the love of the game, and your own good.  After all, WE ARE HOCKEY!!!


A Night Out With Jim Fox

Jim Fox must have been happy to see some fellow Canadians at the LA Kings game the other day.  It shouldn’t have come as any surprise, as they were playing the Toronto Maple Leaf’s! For those who don’t know, Jim Fox is a retired Canadian NHL player who spent all 9 of his seasons with the Kings.  Before the game started they gave a special ceremony honoring him. On the way in the door they gave each of us our own Jim to hang out with!

Our Jim started off being pretty cool.  He hung out and watched the game with us, ready to broadcast the highlights at any moment if we needed him to.


bobble head at a hockey game

Looking good Jim! Our view from the Platinum Lounge at The Staples Center.


After a while, Jim wasn’t satisfied with just standing around and he decided to get in on our fun.  Turns out Jim’s a lot of fun himself!


bobble head and beer

Jim’s still a good Canadian, enjoying a fine beer! (That’s Shock Top with a slice of orange)


I wonder how he felt about the outcome of the game? The Leaf’s beat the Kings, so being that hockey is such a Canadian sport would he be sad that his team that he played for lost, yet still be happy because it was a Canadian team who won? He must have felt a bit conflicted because he insisted on coming out with us after the game.


bobble head at a juke box

Jim took over the joint and had to set the mood with his favorite party songs!


Trouble came when Jim realized he wasn’t the only Jim at the pub! You see, other hockey fans went out after the game and they had their own Jims too.  That’s when our Jim went a little crazy trying to prove he was the man.


bobble head gives a kiss

He planted some fresh ones on the ladies!


bobble head drinking

But soon got in way over his head … seriously, he could barely keep his head on straight!


It was pretty clear to all of us that Jim didn’t really think any of this through.  He went all out, and was a ton of fun, but in the end he just wasn’t the playa he made himself out to be … he ran out of money.


bobble head at an ATM

I have to admit, I did feel for the guy.


Better luck next time Jim! Hey, think of it like this … I saw a lot of people leave their Jims behind when they left, but you got to come home with us, so in the end you really did win!


Kisses and Nuzzles from the Paynes Prairie Wild Horses!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a beautiful moment filled with love, nuzzles and kisses that I enjoyed last week with the wild horses of Florida‘s Paynes Prairie.


Wild Horses kissing on Paynes Prairie

The Kiss!


So very magical!


A long kiss between wild horses on Paynes Prairie.

… still kissing …


Happy Valentine’s Day!


A wild colt's kiss on Paynes Prairie

A child’s love!



Emme   xoxo

PS A big thank you to Ford Canada for the Ford Escape that got me here, and to Roam Mobility for keeping me connected along the way!

Missing Canada

I am really missing the good Samaritans of Canada.  Unfortunately, here in the United States, people sue each other so much that the possible repercussions of helping out prevent people from lending a hand.  Last night I suffered because of that.

I got a flat tire while driving on a busy road.  With nowhere to pull over, I drove up the street a bit to a cultural center where I knew I’d be out of harms way.  It was 5:30 pm, but the center was already closed. The security guard came running right over to find out what I was doing there.  I told him I had a flat tire and he told me to call my roadside assistance.  I very sweetly asked him if he would help me change the tire, but alas, he had rounds to do and there was only one other person inside working.  I started to unload my truck to do it myself, then he yelled, “Stop!”, threw his arm in front of me and said, “You have to call your roadside assistance!


Flat Tire

Good thing I was finally able to pull over, I couldn’t have driven another second on this!


I spent half an hour on hold waiting for my service provider to answer.  I then spent another half an hour while they tried to find a company with somebody available to come change my tire, with no success.  At that point my phone died, but luckily my son had his phone on him so I had given them his number right before hand.  Of course, during this whole time the 2 cultural center workers were just nice and cozy inside looking at us. We were parked right outside their front doors. They even ordered themselves a pizza!

Feeling totally fed up I just started changing the tire myself.  This of course brought the security guard running back outside.  He said he wanted to help me, but had to go get his supervisor’s permission. He came back with his supervisor who told me he was not allowed to help me! This whole thing came down to them not wanting to be liable for anything, and I couldn’t do it myself because they couldn’t have me hurting myself or messing up my car on their property!

It was 2 hours after getting the flat tire that my roadside assistance finally called back on my son’s phone and a truck arrived to help us.  Of course, they changed the tire in under 2 minutes.  When I told them my story they said people even try to sue them if there’s even any tiny thing wrong with their service. People try to blame scratches and dents in their car on them.

I seriously miss the giving without hesitation in Canada!


Flat Tire

Here it is…the slash that stranded me.


Luxuriating in a Staycation at Four Seasons Seattle

For those of you that know me well, you’ll know that I am not really a staycation type – Brie is, as you can see from her latest adventure on Roamancing, but I’m not.  I am a get out and explore, preferably on foot type. Or at least I was until 2 weekends ago, when I enjoyed the most relaxing girl’s getaway with Jen Pollack Bianco and Erica Hargreave at the Four Seasons Seattle.


Walking up to the Four Seasons Seattle

Approaching our luxurious home for the weekend, at the Four Seasons Seattle.


Now Seattle has a tonne of interesting things to do and see, but this getaway was a chance for us to catch up and thoroughly unwind, as we’d all had a couple of months high in stress and work, and poor Jen was sporting a walking cast.  So rather than spending the weekend racing all over Seattle, we decided to enjoy the hotel and our time together, aside from a Gourmet Seattle Tour with Savor Seattle, that I will tell you more about either here or on Roamancing, and you can read about on My Life’s a Trip.  The funny part of this was we were not alone, we met a number of other Four Seasons Seattle weekenders in the rooftop hot tub, staycationing for the weekend (most of them from Seattle).  Now I have to say that says a lot about a hotel, when it is where the locals go for a mini-break without even leaving town.


Fireside on the Four Seasons Seattle Rooftop

Mingling with locals over beverages, a warm fire, a swim and the hot tub on the Four Seasons Seattle Rooftop.


I am no slouch when it comes having experienced some high end hotels around the world, thanks to having often accompanied my Dad (in my early years) and Erica (more recently) on trips where they were speaking.  So while, I have slept in my share of motels, while doing quick jaunts across the country and simply needing a shower and a save place  to crash for the night after 12 + hours of driving, I also know what to expect from a high end hotel. The Four Seasons Seattle did not disappoint, and as I discovered in my trips to the hot tub, travelers become addicts of the Four Seasons, and I can certainly understand why.


Fireside in the Four Seasons Seattle lobby.

At home, chatting in comfort, fireside in the Four Seasons Seattle lobby.


So what exactly did we enjoy about our staycation at the Four Seasons Seattle?  Oh let me count the ways …

The fact that we got to enjoy the local art and culture of Seattle without leaving the hotel!


Four Seasons Seattle features local artists.

Enjoying one of the many pictures by local Northwest artists, featured throughout the hotel.


Yes, I know we were just across the road from the Seattle Art Museum, but as I previously mentioned, we were luxuriating in just spending time together, and not rushing off to see things.


Seattle Art Museum digital art display.

Jen taking a picture of SAM’s new digital arts display.


Erica could nerd out on nature’s art throughout the Four Season’s Seattle, as the natural stone from local mountains in the walls, include beautiful dendrites.


dendrites and local art

Notice the dendrites in the beautiful stonework, complimenting the artwork of local artists.


Art Restaurant (which we will be writing more about, and you can read a tease on from Jen) delightfully tantalized us with scrumptious and creative taste buds tempters from the Northwest and Seattle’s local foodie scene.


ART features the local food and flavours of the Northwest

Loving the local flavours of ART.


We were pampered in the lap of tranquility at the Spa with their signature facials. (more to come on this from Erica on Roamancing and read up on Jen’s Spa Experience here)


Spa at the Four Seasons Seattle

*sigh* Just feel the tranquility.


Enjoyed the welcoming and knowledge staff, who seem to love their jobs, and all had a story to tell that added a personal and memorable touch to our experience and the knowledge they imparted to us.


Hostess at the Four Seasons Seattle ART

The lovely hostess at ART!


All the extra personal touches, from knowing our names when they greeted us, the biscotti with our morning lattes, the bottle of water at our bedside each night, to delivering drinks to us in plastic tumblers right to the hot tub.


Bloody Mary in the Four Seasons Seattle rooftop hot tub

Kicking myself for not getting a better picture of the dreamy gentleman that delivered these bloody marys to us in the hot tub.


My bathroom (yes, mine – stay out Erica and Jen) of relaxing bliss!


Four Seasons Seattle Bathroom

Love bathrooms with a nice big soaker tub, comfy robes and a walk-in shower.


Our rooftop playground, with a heated pool, fire pit and hot tub.


Rooftop Pool at Four Seasons Seattle

Lucy Duck enjoying a splash in the rooftop pool at the Four Seasons Seattle.


And if we really wanted to stray out to explore Seattle, it was all right there on our doorstep – from Seattle Art Museum, to Pike Place Market (and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese), to the Gourmet Seattle Savor Seattle Tour we took.  Oh and we can’t forget Fran’s Chocolate (although I’m trying to tell my taste buds to, as it is such a wicked temptress).


Pike Place Market

Exploring the market at Pike Place.


Okay, I think now is the time to bid you adieu, so I can hit the sack, and blissfully dream my way back into my luxuriously comfortable Four Seasons Seattle bed!


Goodnights Sleep in a Four Seasons Seattle Bed

Such a luxuriously comfortable sleep!



Emme xoxo

PS. In Full Disclosure: As always, the opinions and thoughts shared here are our own and honest ones. We are bought out by no one. In the spirit of disclosure, it should be noted that on this trip, we were guests of the Four Seasons Seattle and our hotel room and spa visit were complimentary.