Do We Attract What We Are Afraid Of?

It’s no secret that I’ve had an interesting array of experiences with critters, but recently things have gotten a little crazy in the spider department. I’d like to know why they like to visit me so much, and not someone who might happen to love them! I’d also like to know why they have to be so ugly, if they were all as cute as lady bugs they could walk around on my wall anytime.

It started a couple weeks ago when I was just waking up, laying in my bed praying.  I said “Amen.” and then opened my eyes to see a spider repelling from the ceiling right above my face! I rolled out of the way with ninja lightening speed and gathered my nerve to look back.  It was a HUGE daddy long leg and it was just hanging in the air right above where my face would have been, as if it was disappointed it no longer had a face to land on.  I ran to get my husband so he could get rid of it and low and behold, it was still just hanging there when he got back.

After that incident we cleaned our bedroom top to bottom, got rid of any clutter, and filled in any cracks in the wall until I felt it was squeaky clean enough to get over the damage to my mental psyche enough to sleep in there again. When I say sleep, I mean with the sheets pretty much over my face, and definitely covering my ears!

We found a recipe for a home made spider deterrent.  Add 5 drops of peppermint oil and a squirt of dishwashing liquid to a cup of water. Spray this along the base of all your walls. The smell is amazing for us, but putrid for spiders!

We found a recipe for a home made spider deterrent. Add 5 drops of peppermint oil and a squirt of dishwashing liquid to a cup of water. Spray this along the base of all your walls. The smell is amazing for us, but putrid for spiders!

Now, just the other day when I grabbed a small pile of clothes that were freshly folded out of the laundry and sitting on my bed, I noticed something rising up off of them.  It was a spider!  A spider had been hanging out on top of my clothes and was trying to make a mission impossible exit back to the ceiling! Unfortunately for him, (oh I pray it was a him and not a female who may have laid eggs on my clothes) my ninja reflex skills squished him with a shirt. Unfortunately for me, I am now sleeping on the couch again.

The pillow says it all!

The pillow says it all!

My 2014 Canada Day Playlist

It’s our birthday Canada!

Which means it’s time for another Canada Day Playlist!

Why? Because Canadian Girls are as F*^%&! EH as our beavers …

… and our astronauts are this cool …

… we can sing in pirate …

… we know what it means to be Canadian …

… and we really do have some great tunes!

So celebrate Canada! This great country gives us reason to be happy!

Happy Canada Day!

Dancing in the Rain at the 2014 CBC Music Festival in this Edition of Monday Moving & Grooving

Well, seeing as I spent the better part of a week sharing festival teases from the CBC Music Festival at Burnaby‘s Deer Lake Park, I thought it would be a little remiss of me not to share an actual taunt from day (shot on an iPhone by a couple of the kids accompanying us) from Spoon and Tegan & Sara!

While it may have been a little damper of a day than we would have liked, raining out many of the earlier performances and  having to make many schedule their day to be able to hang in with the weather, it was an utter blast of a day, soaking in some great Canadian music!  I even managed to sneak backstage to shake hands with Jian Ghomeshi!  The man has lovely soft hands!

So for this Monday Moving and Grooving, I do hope you enjoy a bit of dancing in the rain!

Catch more from #CBCMusicFest here on the CBC Music Blog!


Emme   xoxo

Fruit Skewers

I was quite pleased with myself when I was able to make the teen girls at my son’s birthday party go, ‘Oh my gosh! Those are SO adorable!’  I’d like to give you the same power by sharing this really simple recipe for fruit skewers.

fruit skewers

I think these would also be great sticking out of a summer drink!

All you need is a watermelon, a large carton of raspberries, a large carton of blackberries, a melon baller and a package of wooden skewers.

Wash all of the fruit well and pat dry.  Cut your watermelon in half and make little balls using your melon baller.  This was my first time using one of those so I suspect you’d be able to do an even better job than me as mine were more like half moons…but they were still loved!

Pick up a wooden skewer and slide it through the fruit alternating between watermelon, blackberry, watermelon, raspberry, watermelon, blackberry.

That’s it!!! Keep them refrigerated until ready to serve. Festival Tease: The Belle Game, Dan Mangan, and Chad Van Gaalen

Enjoying spending a quiet morning in a mellow reflective mode with the west coast rain outside, fingers crossed that the weather will clear up for the second ever Festival today at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC.  While I ponder moving the heavens to create clear skies for this afternoon and this evening, I’ve been enjoying taking in the tunes of three of the more pondering philosophical artists of the festival.  Here is a little tease and a bit thought provoking music from each …

The Belle Game

Curious to know the stories of the members of The Belle Game that inspires storytelling such as that above.  A beautiful sound and such a bone chilling tale. As described on their website “sweetly haunting soundscape … full of melancholy and symphonic power” certainly rings true in what I have experienced of their music thus far.  So who are they? Andrea Lo, Adam Nanji, Katrina Jones, Alex Andrew and Rob Chursinoff.

To discover more, wander over to Deer Lake Park in Burnaby this afternoon.  They take to the Courtyard Stage at 5:15 pm.

Dan Mangan

Choosing a song of Dan’s was difficult for me, so I decided to pick two.  The first a song of Dan’s in his earlier days from when Bronwyn Malloy first introduced Dan’s music to me … a bit nostalgia.  You see like Hannah Georgas, Dan is also a friend of Bronwyn’s and similarly, although I have enjoyed his music for years, I have yet to see him live, so I’m quite excited!

And the second piece of Dan’s music that I am sharing, I think Felix would quite appreciate in it’s reflection on how war, fighting, and hate seep there way into psyches, yet change is possible.  Rather timely, I think.

Dan for those of you who are not aware is another success story from Vancouver’s music scene. A hometown boy done good! (Back off grammar police! That poorly articulated sentence, was purposefully written that way!)

Catch Dan on the Lake Stage at 5:50 pm!

Chad Van Gaalen

So admittedly I am not quite sure what to make of Chad yet. I quite like his sound, but as I listen to his lyrics they make me feel uncomfortably thoughtful, not to mention what watching some of his cartoon illustrated music videos do to me.  Just take a look here on youtube. My one warning though, you may not be able to look at toothbrush the same way, afterwards.

Uncomfortableness aside, I do very much think Chad has some powerful messages and soul searching to share, and I am quite curious to discover more of him, which I suppose I will doing as he hits the Courtyard Stage at 6:35 pm.

Hope to see you at Deer Lake later today!

Emme  xoxo

PS For past #CBCMusicFest teases click here and here, and for what to expect of the day before you go read on with: Festival Ignites this Summer at Deer Lake Park.  You can also follow along today and engage with #CBCMusicFest on social media.