How to Dance Like a Canadian

Groovin' Up a Storm at the IBC Great Canadian Polar Bear Blues Showcase

Since you will no doubt be wanting to salaciously move those hips in honour of Canada's birthday today, no matter where in the world you are, I decided I should share this 'How to dance like a Canadian' video.  Not everybody after all knows how to do the beaver! Happy Canada … [Read more...]

My Canada Day Playlist

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!!! In my long standing Canada Day tradition, I have spent the morning compiling a Canada Day playlist of new and old favourites. My new finds from the past year: From a man that made us all proud to be Canadian ... Because I too miss riding my polar … [Read more...]

A Boy’s Sweet 16

ice cream birthday cake

We laughed, we cried, it was better than cats! (and not particularly in that order). Nothing with our family is anything short of an adventure and no parenting moment of mine goes without testing, so it should have been no surprise that when planning a boy's sweet 16, my own … [Read more...]

Natural Anti-Inflamtories: Concocting a Turmeric Ginger Tea

Tumeric and Ginger for reducing inflammation

On my journey to recovery from an accident, I have been fortunate enough to have been referred to Vancouver's ChangePain Clinic where I have been learning how to better manage the pain I am in, so that it does not become my whole life.  Along with the great treatments that I have … [Read more...]

My Superpower, Tips and Tricks to Taking the Perfect Jumping Photo

I can even give other people superpowers with my own abilities. It's a's a plane...

I am not a talented photographer at all, but a certain superpower has developed in me over the past couple of summers.  I am a genius at The Beach Jumping Shot! I cannot take jumping photos anywhere else other than the beach.  I have tried and it just doesn't work.  For … [Read more...]