How to Teach Your Daughter to Shave Her Legs For the First Time

Getting your daughter to shave her legs is not an automatic task to think of when going over your mental list of things to do to get her ready for high school.  Many girls may have shaved their legs long before this point, but I’m one of those mom’s who has a daughter that could care less about her hairy legs so I had to take it upon myself to let her know it was time.  Either way, at some point in their lives, every girl must shave her legs for the first time.

Shaving is something I do as a mindless act in the shower, so in gearing up for my tutorial I started thinking more about what I was doing.  That was a mistake! Taking the act out of a second nature thing and over thinking it caused me to get razor burn a few times from pressing too hard as I was trying to get a feel for the amount of pressure to tell her to use, and from either going too fast or too slow.

I eventually decided to just Google it, but all that brought up for me to read was sponsored advice from shaving companies saying that the best way to teach your daughter to shave her legs for the first time is to use their razor and shaving gel. Needless to say I abandoned all of that and eventually figured out some strategies of my own.  I wanted to share them with all of you who are just like me and needed the advice I couldn’t find.

Smooth legs in a summer canoe! You want your daughter's experience to be this carefree.

Smooth legs in a summer canoe! You want your daughter’s experience to be this carefree.


1. Do not make a big deal of this; for your sake and hers.

Keeping this as matter of fact as possible will save you from emotional trauma.  I think some people might like to make a celebration out of this right of passage, but for me I think it stinks that from now on she will have to shave her legs every day for the rest of her life (except in Winter when we all get a little lazy!). Her showers will now be longer and she will now be self-conscious about her legs and if you can see any stubble, or if they feel soft enough, not to mention any razor nicks.  Keep it simple and it will instead become a very normal part of her life. As an aside, I learned this lesson when I made a big deal with my son about going out to pick his very own deodorant because it was time.  He sobbed about it for hours!  Very loudly too!


2. Begin by shaving with an electric razor.

The hairs on an unshaved leg are pretty long, so going at it with a regular razor will take forever as it will get clogged up with hair.  We just used my husband’s razor that he has for his hair. My daughter was a little worried that it was going to hurt so I did a few passes on my own leg first to show her it was ok.

This is the electric razor we used.  She laughed hysterically from the ticklish vibrations it made on her leg.

This is the electric razor we used. She laughed hysterically from the ticklish vibrations it made on her leg.


3. Proceed to the shower for the real shave.

The electric razor doesn’t leave the leg perfectly smooth, but it makes for a perfect transition to the real thing.  Perhaps if you have a proper electric shaver made for legs and not haircuts you would be left with a smooth leg and then you could just leave it at that and proceed to this step the next time.  I had her wash up in the shower so her skin would be nice and soft.  I handed her the shaving cream and let her have fun loading her first leg up with it.  After years of shaving, I just use hair conditioner, but with the shaving cream it adds a better protection, an element of fun and it helps her keep track of where she has shaved as she moves around her leg.

This is only for demonstration purposes.  We shaved her leg in the shower, but this shows how the shaving cream prevents you from over shaving an area and getting razor burn.  Just use whatever razor you love the most and choose a shaving cream that's nourishing for sensitive skin.

This is only for demonstration purposes. We shaved her leg in the shower, but this shows how the shaving cream prevents you from over shaving an area and getting razor burn. Just use whatever razor you love the most and choose a shaving cream that’s nourishing for sensitive skin.


4. Be prepared to shave for her.

I passed my daughter the razor and told her what to do.  She asked me to do the first leg for her. I admit, I got really nervous inside after my previous botched attempts at thinking about the amount of pressure to use on my own self.  I just took a deep breath, said a little prayer and Voila! it all came so naturally.

5. Teach her to moisturize.

I gave her a big bottle of cream and told her the importance of using it as soon as she got out of the shower to avoid getting a dry-irritated leg feeling.

6. Follow Up.

Quietly take a peek at her legs the next couple of days.  If she hasn’t shaved them again and it’s obvious she needs to, just provide a gentle reminder in the same vain as teaching her how to do it in the first place.

Before you know it, shaving will just be a little added task to her routine.  For me, I’m gearing up to tackle her eyebrows next!

Happy Edition to Monday Moving & Grooving

The last few months as I’ve been recovering and trying to put the dance back in my step, I have begun to play with the underlying theme of happiness and what it means to me … in a good part thanks to Realwheels’ #WheelVoices Happiness Campaign.

On one level the answer to that question is simple for me.  Happiness is dancing!  On another level, as I have not always been able to dance the way I am use to these past few months, and still can’t in totality, I have been dissecting what happiness is beyond that, along with what makes me want to dance.  Certainly the music, but also freedom, love (in it’s many forms), creativity, adventure, hugs and kisses, magical moments (like that with the wild horses in Florida)  … to name a few!


Conga at Fighting Chance Production's 80's Prom.

Rob Jones, Lori Yearwood and Nina Kumar strutting up their happiness at Fighting Chance Production’s 80’s Prom!


For all those reasons and many more, this song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, made me smile and want to do exactly that … dance!



Even cooler, check out Pharrell Williams’ #24HoursOfHappy! Total awesomesauce!


Emme  xoxo


Adventures in Teaching a Boy to Multitask

What started out of necessity has now become a little project of mine, that I have to admit, has been providing me with some good laughs. Our family, like most others, is really busy. My son has started high school and has athletic and artistic pursuits in the evenings and weekends as well. This often makes him short on time to accomplish what he needs to get done. As a woman (I know you feel me on this ladies!), I am always looking for ways to make the most efficient use of time.

On one particular day, my son had studying that needed to get done and as I noticed him sitting at the table eating his meal I remarked, “Hey … you should maybe read while you’re sitting there eating.” to which he replied, with the greatest look of shock, surprise, and how could you be so stupid mom kind of face, “I CANNOT READ AND EAT AT THE SAME TIME!”


table situated by kitchen

I’m sharing this as reference for what’s coming next …s o you can see how close the table is to the kitchen!


In another dining related attempt at a teachable moment, I noticed that hours after dinner my son’s plate was still on the table. Our kids have the task of clearing and cleaning their own plates, so I gently reminded him that he still had to take care of it. He gave me a head nod with a “Yep, I’m planning on getting to that.” I then ‘lovingly’ showed him that if he stood up with his plate as he left the table and brought it directly to the kitchen the job would get done in a swift instant. I explained that you’re standing up and walking away anyway, might as well bring your plate with you at the same time and save yourself from it becoming a lingering job to come back to. His reasoning was this, “Yes, but I was planning to walk in a different direction from the kitchen, because I was going somewhere else.”

My most recent attempt to teach the skill of multitasking was when he had a lot of homework to do, and it was already late into the evening. He was waiting for video footage to upload for something he needed to edit for a class. I suggested that while he was waiting he should work on some of his other work. He explained, “I have to sit here and watch the screen.” I showed him how he could keep the computer open but put it kind of beside him and begin his other work while keeping an eye out for updates on the uploading. He kind of chuckled and said, “That’s not really going to work out mom.” The poor kid was up until midnight!

Oh well … I’m trying! (says the mother to any future girlfriends of his)

Being Uplifted by Andrea Menard and Robert Walsh’s Lift

With the regular news stressing me out too much, I’ve decide to focus my site this week on uplifting things that address healthy living, and specifically restore mental health, after a fair bit of stress personally and globally this past month.  As fortune would have it, after making that decision, I opened a message on my computer, introducing me to a new project of Andrea Menard and Robert Walsh’s, Lift.



After listening to the video above, I couldn’t help but smile, as it seemed that this project hit the heart of exactly where my soul was at, feeling the desire for that that uplifts the soul.  Who knows maybe this mirroring of desires and needs in our crafts comes down to the longer than usual Canadian winter, as we were both certainly at this space before the events of last week hit.

Also I couldn’t help but smile, as Andrea and Robert’s music is some of the music I turn to when I need a little bit of a pick me up.  Below is one of the many songs of theirs that I love.



What is your vice when you need a little lift? What uplifts you?

Unplugging for Mental and Emotional Health

I’m not sure about everybody else, but this past week has been a Hell of a stressful one for me.  I will never forget 9/11, but with the increase barrage and forms of media we receive in our lives, with this past week’s horrific event, it was more difficult to unplug, and I was feeling my anxiety levels going through the roof.  This, when I knew that my one childhood friend who was in the race, was safe, minutes after the explosions.  I hate to think how people were feeling who were personally impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Turning on the news to get the latest information, was even worse, as everything was over-sensationalized, and too much speculative reporting was going on, especially from the American networks.  Switched off of those when they began reporting anybody of racial minority (in the US) in the vicinity of the bombing, as suspects, moments after the bombings. So I mostly turned off the news last week ~ checking in on the CBC with my morning coffee and whenever I was in the car, driving.  That was until Friday, when I missed my coffee news until I got a text telling me to turn on the news and learned of the man hunt for the suspects underway. Once I did, I was trapped.  I found it very difficult to turn off, and my body became a knot of wound up tension.  It wasn’t healthy. And it was even less healthy, looking at Boston PD’s twitter feed to see that they too were sensationalizing the events unfolding (specifically the capture at the end of the day).  The only thing that eventually calmed me down was Obama’s address to the Nation and the Press.  Such a great and eloquent man, and was relieved to hear his reminder to all to not to rush to judgements, especially on groups of people.

Feeling on the brink of a state that could have been quite damaging to my mental health, I made the decision to unplug this weekend, take some ‘me’ time and focus on positive and uplifting activities.

I walked along the seawall in Stanley Park


Gull in Stanley Park

Was met with a tranquil morning.


… seems I was not alone in my quest for some peaceful reconnecting with nature …


A couple of wakeboarders.

A couple of wake boarders.


Walkers on the Stanley Park Seawall

A trio of walkers on the Stanley Park Seawall.


Would not have minded joining this fellow in a bit of yoga.

Would not have minded joining this fellow in a bit of yoga.


Watching the waves in Stanley Park/

Watching the waves.


Great Blue Heron in Stanley Park.

Nothing more relaxing than watching a heron fish.


… observed a rehearsal for Realwheels Theatre‘s upcoming #WheelVoices production …


Dancing at the #WheelVoices Rehearsal

Dancing it up at the #WheelVoices Rehearsal!


… enjoyed dinner with a friend, and caught up on a favourite Canadian Show on Global.

Not sure if any of the rest of you are similarly feeling the tension and stress of it all in your bodies, but if you are, please take my advice: turn of the news, unplug for a couple of days, and do something relaxing and healthy for yourself.